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Thanks for the answer. Those equal signs are quite suspicious though, kinda looks like some kind of formula :)

Well, it must mean something :)

Right after starting the game this line appears. What does it mean?

A game that just keeps on giving, thanks for all your work. It seems shmup devs really care for their games, Graze Counter is getting a GM edition, Blue Revolver update is still in the works and now Demonizer ♥

Good read. I'm always interested in behind the scenes of games I like. I wish other companies' first shmups were as good as your first attempt. I didn't expect any new content for Demonizer so I'm super happy there'll be more even though the game already offers more than typical run of the mill 6 stage shmup.

Do you ever plan to make another shmup?:)

Hi, I just gave it a quick spin just to see how it runs and it runs super smooth! Bonus points for native integer scaling for that pixel perfect aspect ratio. The game had zero problems detecting my dualshock 4 controller. I don't mind the keyboard + gamepad setup for co-op but if it's not too much trouble maybe you could allow 2 gamepads?

I'll give you more feedback when I finish it with my brother in a week or so when we'll be able to play it together. Thanks for making it!