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either i'm really stupid, or i just can't figure it out, something about the scrolling text that i want to do. It just frustraits me so, oh well...

Oh ok! Thanks so much! I looked on steam and it was like 70 bucks. Thankfully it has a free trial. I will watch some tutorials. Again, thanks.

Can you email me and maybe you can make an tuturiol on how to make this, or maybe a template? If you want my discord copy this: Arth3r#6996. this is the kind of game i wanna make and i'm clueless at coding and such, thanks.

Looks like fun!

Uhh, music is kinad anooying after a while. also would pick something darker than yellow for the font, hard to see

I got jumpscared playing this lol

Game was boring at the start, and I clicked off for a bit, but when i when back in there were those little creatures, scared me alot and bumped my heart rate. Then they popped up on the side of my car, the one in the back made me be like "Oh hehe, he- he's right there" And the one in the window made my hurt my arm when i got jumpscared. Grafics are poor, but i love the story.

As much as I love it the sensitivity is a little weird, maybe its cuz im not used to the whole X and Y thing the game is absolutly one of the most calming games ive played on here, thanks for the experience.

There is no jumpscare, I'm just gonna say that, unless its a bug i would love to have this fixed! Also I'm in love with Donkey Kong so its not fiar that hes trying to kill me, replace him with berni sanders please. ok thanks. Monke out

uh bro, you good?

 It would be really cool if you could controll the car in the air, but i didn't get the game for a bit, but its really fun to just mess around in it

I don't get the game. Its streched out on browser.

Love the game and the music. The art and the play though idea is really great. I would recommend it, though I am playing on browser. There are a couple bugs I would like to mention, and maybe a couple suggestions. It would be cool if there was a task manager, so when you when into inventory or smt you could see what you have completed in between saves or something, cuz I'm stuck in the Hellspital and idk how to peel the apple, cuz I can't use the inventory or something. Idk, but the game is really great!

Very game good! The jump is delayed though. But I love blip and I think I wanna marry him. It's very sad when he dies though, I get emotional, so I stopped playing. Also why does it kill me when I land on boxes, there should be power ups that give you 2 lives or makes it so you don't die when you hit them.

very funny 1 out of 2