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Nice small short game, Ace pride!

If this is a reference to the book I believe it is, then I think if this is meant to be an outgrowth of its thoughts, then I don't think you got what you intended. The point of quite a bit of how the book talks about motorcycle maintenance is about how there is no one 'right way' to do it, and that the best way to do so is to just do it and not follow steps.  Which means that the overlays completely remove that quality (heh) of discovery. I understand why for a game you would need specific designs with parameters, but perhaps have an element of discovery to them?

As an aside, I did also have some technical issues with this game, mainly revolving around the controls. I was using a gamepad to play, or, I was when I could. On the computer to cycle through the different designs my analog stick wouldn't work to cycle, so instead I had to jump to my arrow keys. Also, on the actual pottery segment the buttons would fairly often press themselves more than once, and other times not register a press at all.

If I didn't have problems with the controls weren't there I would recommend this game, with the controls the way they are I just can't.

For all those who didn't know, the book I believe this game to be referencing is 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' which I wholeheartedly recommend

I've been enjoying the game so far, and I got the surfboard upgrade which says 'LT to surf', but no matter what I do it doesn't come up and I lose health jumping into the sludge. I tried going to the shop and didn't see the guy selling his surfboard, so I don't know what to do.

On another similar ability, I bought the speedometer, which purports to tell me how fast I'm going in MPH, but I can't see it anywhere on my screen.

As an aside, dive kicking enemies infinitely works well for damage, as only one or two enemies I've encountered have any ability to harm me if I don't screw up my timing