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Played it, took around 40 min, but it's truly just because I was always thinking to myself "What happened here?". Should take much, much less time if you don't trip. 20 min? I feel like this isn't a game for me. It has nice graphics (even though I had to put it on medium), but, personally, it just felt weird to play.  Also, had some problems: 

Nowhere to change mouse sensitivity, crosshair color/placement and third person view distance.

Had a bug in the woodlogs part, where the enemies didn't load. Just went from last checkpoint and this second time it was normal.

At the time I went "Oh, that's cool, a new enemy", but it's another bug: right after getting the first stone, while climbing the stairway to get to the door, the final boss appeared behind me and I had to fight him. He didn't have his health bar appearing. I died oneshot and he didn't appear again. (Only at the end, as the final boss)

Many times the crossbar seemed invis. Because of its color, when i tried to shoot the airborne thingys, couldn't see it.

I actually kinda liked this game, but not because of the mechanics, movement or exploration. The idea this game brings, and the scenery it depicts lets me go to another world:

Where the heck are the people and actual civilization signs? I mean, we could see living trees and flowers, so life still exists. It is clearly a worksite, so we could say almost exclusively robots were ever there. The camp was too full of wood, there were no robot workers, only defenders. Also, not a sign of these workers. Or are they the same as the defenders? If they are, and aren't working, the wood isn't transported and they were kept in a ghost duty, doing nothing. Is humanity extinct? Is humanity all there is? There was a "portal" before (don't remember if it was gone w/ the Tree or not). Did some fae stay here? And evaporate humanity when they destroyed the Tree? I mean, those things wouldn't be protecting unused resources in a abandoned land if they were in a crisis. If there wasn't much food left, power play would be more violent than politic, so these robots would make a difference in protecting from the masses while grabbing what's left to eat. I think this game is meant to be a metaphore, but I'd like to feel it's closer to reality. 

Lol. Meanwhile, a 2013 notebook runs it (On lowest) without any lag.

Cool game. I'm 17 and finished it in 3 hours (maybe more?) and:

I think the part where you use an "army" is much more difficult than the "shadowy one" mechanic. So i don't think the game actually escalates in difficulty. Wich, to me, it's not a big deal. 

Also, there's a lil 'bug': there's a level where a puppet needs to hit the lever so that 'dad' can go through. But I am able to entrance(?) the puppet so that he does nothing and i catch up to dad and hit im on the but with my face.

I'm no good in talking good about games, so if you want someone to tell you why this is good, go to the other comments