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Very nice game with adorable characters

Found a workaround, I set my 1080p monitor at 100% (instead of 150%) in the Scale and Layout in the windows settings. Now it doesn't glitch my little fella!

The experience of filing Baba's tax forms has puzzled me.

First of all, the realization that Baba- an adorable cartoony creation- must abide by society's standards and laws of humans has given me pause.
If Baba lives in a universe where Baba has to report to the tax ministry while not even having arms to fill the tax forms, and the form acknowledges that it could indeed be filled by a confidant, then why enforce anything requiring paperwork for beings with no fingers in the first place?

This led me to think of the root of this problem.
A tax legislation, involving at least some percentage of beings who could not possibly abide by this decree without assistance.
What cruel entity would dictate such laws upon their citizens? An autocracy perhaps? Or a flawed democracy?

Autocratic regimes are usually efficient.
Otherwise, the tyrant in charge would not last long.
Judging from this form, which I remind you is a formal government document, this could not be the case.
I have filled Baba's signatures many times where only one per page would suffice.
In fact, some questions on this form reflect nothing of Baba's income or any data that could be used to even collect the tax.
There is a question about place of residence, but it is a choice question with seemingly nonsense answers.
Also I asked Baba for Baba's ID. Baba looked at me with a concerned expression. This government hasn't even issued proper Identification numbers to their citizens!
Thus, we can conclude that if this is an autocratic nation's taxation form, my mind would be at ease, knowing that this government shall crumple soon due to gross incompetence. Incompetence that will either collapse in on itself from within, or spark a revolution.

But if Baba lived in a democracy, this would be quite puzzling as well.
If democratic leaders chosen by citizens would neglect a certain population of cute beings, with no ability to fill out a formal document, are they making this document vague and unofficial on purpose, as a sort of ceremonial gesture meant to not actually enforce tax laws on beings like Baba?
Why not? Perhaps there's a different way to let Baba do Baba's part without exempting tax for Baba entirely? Why even bother with a ceremonial- and in my eyes, condescending- document in this case?
Or are they simply incompetent, and this surely will spell out a short-lasting rule, either ousted by voting in new leaders or a total change in government (if not collapse into anarchy)? Since as it stands, there is no way for a government to function without proper tax channels.
No tax means no government funding, means no infrastructure or government positions, means chaos.

In conclusion: the writing's on the wall. Baba will not have to endure a ridiculous tax policy for much longer.
You don't need to be well-versed in political science to see that a big change is coming. To what end, only time will tell.

My sincere hope is that Baba will have the mental fortitude to deal with whatever bureaucratic challenges might be coming Baba's way.

It may not be easy, but I'm certain that Baba will be alright at the end of it.

You got this, Baba.

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I'm also waiting patiently for a fix or a way to make baba ignore my second monitor. It's the only thing keeping it from a 10/10 for me.

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It's not that only the eyes disappear, the entire thing goes white and un-interactable. It happens to me too whenever a fullscreen application opens while baba friend is active. Just close baba and relaunch the app, should be fine.

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I made custom sprites for like 6 hours but it was worth it. Thank you for making this, it's perfect and Baba is great too <3

By the way, when I'm using two monitors, Baba friend gets glitchy because my monitors have different resolutions (Main monitor is 1440p and secondary is a 1080p drawing monitor). Is there a way to force friend to ignore the second monitor completely?

This is incredibly fun! I thought i'd get bored after like an hour because it's a prototype, but somehow a week later I'm still doing runs because it's just that good. The combat feels and sounds great, it's challenging, and the little jokes and bits of writing land. I'm going to follow this gem of a game <3

That was very sweet. I kinda needed this. Thank you <3

Amazing artwork! I'm using this to play a pen and paper solo RPG about station hopping and scavenging, it really sets the mood! I wish there was a "random" button though, would have made it easier than clicking on parts randomly. Other than that I love it <3

I was a big fan of Enviro-bear 2000, I'm glad to see you still make games and this one looks fun! Thank you <3

Just wanted to say that I've been looking forward to getting Sims 4 just to play with these mods, you did a fantastic job and Joel's Meme house would definitely look a lot different without your work. Cheers!