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hello, i'm interested! sending a friend request on discord so we can dm

Love how the "hot potato" concept is handled here! I really like seeing where there are wide open spaces above the player where it's "safe" to throw the flame upwards.

By the way, I ran into a small bug where when I died from the fire right in the middle of the level transition, so when the I respawned, I was invisible. Dying again made the character visible again.

Cute game with straight forward gameplay. A little too short for my liking, though.

I feel like the Cirno boss would need some work. The difficulty spike of her pattern is too sudden imo.

Really cute game with easy to understand gameplay! Love the smears used in Renko's animations.

The art, Elden Ring-ified character designs are all *chef's kiss*. Game's also ridiculously funny.

Only issue I have is the spear's pretty OP, in which most of the battles can be finished in less than 5 mins if you spam attack between the bosses' attack patterns.

cute game! the coding minigame got me stumped. but it was fun sjasdjhasdhjk

oh btw, there seems to be a glitch with sleeping that allows you to work on code/art/music while asleep. it seems to be happening when i press A/D while asleep, as when i do that, the prompt to work eventually will pop up, allowing me to work while asleep