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after a few years i finally scraped together the funds to buy this. i had to sell my house, car, clothing, food, and family. i am very excited, and on the verge of death but i have enough now.

hmm a bit pricy innit bruv

is game is looking mega sussy

I suggest if you hover over a tower it shows the range of it, so you can figure out where to put them to make sure there aren't any clogs and stuff, great game though i hope you add to it :D

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how come  my first instinct was to click on the tack

amazing how much easier it is on the second playthrough!

nice i got 42 this game is good lol

not sure why people want a crewmate mode, it would take forever to make the tasks anyway, but keep up the great work! this game is possibly the best among us variation i've seen so far.

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What a great game! Someone should make a 2D version of it! 

(Just kidding about the second part, but the game is good)

27.02, nice game!