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Freakin' YES.
Awesome game! I'm seriously pumped to see more.

Extra thoughts:

-The speedrunning option is a wonderful addition.

-I floated in the long room with the two bugs after climbing an off-screen table. That was the only bug I ever encountered in my hour+ playthrough (An extremely fun one. Felt like a bug angle up there.)

-I kept forgetting to reload. This is a me having a small pp brain problem, though, so no worries. Maybe an option to constantly show the hud.

Anyway 5/5. Would shoot mutated grasshoppers again!!!

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I've had the game downloaded and ready for 2 months while waiting for my device to be repaired (no. it took 5 months to repair). And I played it as soon as I can. Your games are always really fun. This one was definitely worth the wait.

I love details so I think I was decent at the order sorting section. I missed the time my first attempt, but the fact that resetting the last section starts one off at 12 am saved me. I ended up finishing the last order while the creature was attacking, so the faucets were running in the background at the ending scene :D

Overall, and without any more unconnected thoughts from me, this one was really fun. I'll be waiting patiently for more!! Thank you!!

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Lovely game! I tried it now, and the mechanics seem pretty fun and clean. I also love the atmosphere, and the look of the castle. I just sorta have a low-end device so it's running on 6 frames (Completely due to my specs. Don't worry, mate.) Is there a chance you could add settings for the quality? Maybe something to turn off the particles, or lower the screen size? I'm still gonna try to finish it either way, so don't worry if not!
Edit: forgot to mention two things: A_ Definitely feeling the DS vibes, especially through the mechanics. And B_ I swear I'm not trying to be annoying, but you misspelled the gow tag, and I thought I should point it out, since tags seem to help games spread around these parts.

Sorry to ask this late, but are we allowed to use publicly available assets?

Excitment 100

Freakin' AWESOME!

Thanks for the fun, dude.

You got me there, and no need for thanks when a game is this awesome!

I love this game, I truly do, but for the love of God please add a saving mechanic. I suck at running XD

Fun, scared the shit out of my bro. Good game, dude!

I still haven't played it yet, but the meme above alone is worth 5 star.

Looks fun. Maybe make a discord server for players to find each other in?


حكرر كلام غيري, الرسم بيجنن بس اللعب كتير قصير. بعتقد بتنشهر برياحة لو ساويتوا لعبة كاملة بهيك أسلوب (وأي حتاخد ألفية لتخلص) بالتوفيق

I love your stuff man! I've been wanting to use some in a game and I got the chance. Used this one for a jam yesterday, I'd love it if you could check it out! It's really rushed but I think I only half failed at implementing the tiles. XD

شكرا! هلئ الحق معك بس ساويتها ب11 ساعة، ما لحقت أكتر😂😂😅

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شكرا! الحق معك. رحت ضفت الأصوات آخر الشي قبل ما افرط فما انتبهت😅😂 المشكلة هون أنه عم يعرض صوت بكل فريم بيلمس اللاعب فيه

Dude I love this, and have been wanting to use it for a long time
I just made a small movement system for my game, using a character from your system.(gave credit of course)
Thanks a bunch man, it's a really good system.

Let me know if I can help add Arabic. I realize RPG maker probably doesn't support Arabic to begin with, but still, let me know!

Sped run it with my lil bro, our best time was around 4-5 minutes.
Thanks for the fun experience!

Freaking amazing (I see you're all men and women of culture as well) I enjoyed the heck out of it, and I don't play vns often so that says a lot, every aspect from music to sound design to the epic ass fight scene to the wonderfully crafted dialogue, it all came together to form one amazing experience that you bet I'm gonna be revisiting soon to get the other endings.
My only regret would be that I accidentally got what I assume to be the worst ending (still haven't seen the others, but sadly that'll have to wait a bit longer)
P.s: loved the voice acting in the end.

DUUUUUDE I took way too long to play this game and I kinda regret it.

I loved the music, it fit perfectly into every scene, even if repeated.

The art style was obviously adorable! and the story was pretty engaging though it was a bit too fast for me. (P.s: wonderful job on the editing.)

I loved the puzzle mechanic! that was a pretty innovative way to make puzzles using Renpy.

I got all the endings as far as I can tell, I did feel it was weird to have a choice right before the first bad ending but it did add a bit to the dialogue in a helpful way.

I'm glad I managed to experience Otherwordly Goods Store before the end of this jam, for a game made in less than 30 days, this was awesome!

P.s: Brez is my fav.
P.p.s: ...



Pierogi! (I'm from Syria and we have something similar)

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Okay first of all sorry for writing two comments instead of just editing the old one but this will be long and might have SPOILERS so I thought I might as well.

Okay so once I found out about the multiple endings thing I had to go try to find them.
1_ DUDE I UNDERESTIMATED THIS GAME, AND BY A LOT! the other endings scared the crap out of me...
2_ I really hope the mom being in hell is a reference to the famous line from "The Exorcist" I really really do.

3_ I noticed the title screen thing, and OH. MY. GOD. you are one smartass dude.

4_ I am both sad that I didn't try "Hell" even though I thought of it, and disappointed that "Frug", "Kaori" and "Toby" weren't part of the endings, but I guess I was reading too much into it.

5_ I am terrified of Hana rn lol (hey. my points can't all be serious)

This was an amazing job, I'll try to follow your work from now on whenever I'm looking for an awesome horror game to play. I'm not usually a fan of visual novels (Ironic considering I made one too, I'm just lazy) but damn did this grab my ever fading attention. 5 stars boy!!!

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Playing this game made me regret not going 3d due to the short time. The 3d, animations, and the static of the camera all worked together perfectly to reduce the stillness you sometimes feel from visual novels. Awesome work man!
p.s: I feel like I might've missed dialogue because of what I chose to say? though I'm not entirely sure  :D

Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. The sound was done pretty hastily so I'm really happy it feels unsettling. Thank you!!!
All the love to you and your brother! I kinda really hope he'll be interested :D

Thanks! I'm glad to hear it.

Is there a chance I can help you add Arabic as an extra language?

Freaking amazing!

Great game dude, full 5.

This. this right here. Is fyucking awesome!

Thanks dude!, yeah me too, btw your game rocks!

Thank you! 😆

Thank you! 😆