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I like the direction you are going in! Some things i think might improve the game are hit markers of some kind, i know the slime reacts to being hit but when hitting multiple times during that animation its hard to tell whether they are registered or not, I also think messing with the run speed would be good, with the current world lay out running is a little slow, i see its in unity so if (for example) run speed is set to 3.5f you might want it to be 3.75f just to give it a bit more of a responsive feel to it. I think the gravity should be a bit less it feels like you fall very fast which can make some platforming very difficult when it shouldnt be, and the invincibility frames feel off, i cant quite say what but it feels kinda like you still get hit even when its not saying you take damage. Other than those things i think you are doing great and am hopeful for how this game turns out :)

they are but you dont get the pickace to mine them until later after the goblin quest (As i didnt play the english version i too had many of these problems) 

what cant you find?

THIS IS SO GREAT, that fixes the only issues I have with it! Thank you for the reply this will speed up the process so much

New to pixel art and this is making it super easy to get started for free! But I do have a question, is it possible to drag a selection? Like not just the selected box but also what is in it? I'm following a tutorial on making a tilemap and dragging and dropping the selections would speed up the process like 60%. Also I was wondering if there is a way to make the grind show boxes of certain sizes. What I mean is the tiles I'm making are 16x16 but the grind is only aligned for every pixel and the ruler every 5. So I was wondering if there was a way to customize how big the grind boxes are or at least where the markers on the ruler would be, if it's not yet, it would be a cool thing for the future.

Any more eyes and they'll turn into a Zelda boss lol

the final video, this game(s?) was extremely confusing and one trip after the other but also extremely enjoyable to the very end, even if there were some complications. I cant wait to see more like this!

a new part filled with fun and eyeballs... lots. of. eyeballs. this game (series?) just keeps on adding to the mystery of its story to the point where I'm lots whats going on 50,000% of the time, but its still fun!

This game only gets more interesting as I play, although I found a few glitches in this video. One where I fall though to the end, one where I can't escape, and one where the game fake loads? best way to explain that last one, but other than that its fun

This game(s)? Is so cool and interesting I cant stop playing I need to know what it's about but, man do I wish some of the titles weren't as difficult as they are

Part 2 of a long series, this game is not short. And thats a good thing, I'm still very confused by whats going on but I am very much enjoying the experience.

WOW, um so I went into this thinking there were only 10 games, not sure where I got that number but I did. So when I found out there are in fact 20 it blew my mind, not only that, the story is very compelling, I need to know whats going on. Even though I suspect this is a game you'll have to play two or three times to fully understand. I will put out a full series on this because this is so interesting and I need a conclusion.

I played the game, its very fun I cant wait to see the full version I expect it to be amazing. I really get amnesia vibes and if this game is half as good as that itll be awesome. I should say the puzzle in the one room had me very VERY confused and I had to give up and just look up the answer, so I'm not sure if you want to give some more hints for it or something but I'm not sure how anyone could find the answer

There isn't much to the game, it's not bad just needs more. However, I can say I felt genuine fear while playing this game, for all the wrong reasons. I could be a great game just a bit to little at the moment

I played and it was fun, not sure if I did EVERYTHING but what I did play was good. I loved the cityscape in the background, it was a very beautiful site to see. Altough it wasn't very scary, maybe just not enough more shock and awe than scare, but it was still a good game over all

Played the game, it was really fun. Although I made it a bit sad by talking about some depressing facts, but i really liked it. Was not expecting the ending, had great scares, great game over all

I played through its pretty fun, I do point out things i notice about the game in the video but i am not super critical of it since I understand during a game jam you can do everything to make the game 100% some loopholes and shortcuts are necessary to make the time limit. But other than that I can see potential for the game, those things do need fixed first but it's 90% there already. Would love to see a more fleshed out version with those fixed problems fixed and more of a story

best game 20-all time, I would love to see more games in this style it's so adorable and great i it. I liked the story it was simple but that fit the style to a T I have no complaints about the game

It wasn't horrible I have a bad computer which made it worse than it should have been, but there were some aspects that could be fixed. The carry system works kind of not enough to get made over just a little frustrated, had the game been bigger it would have been a big issue but not for its current size. 

I will never stop playing, keep the updates cause I love the game. Although I did find what seem to be some glitches in this update, keys would not spawn in normal, a few textures glitches, a glitch where when you get stabbed while running you shrink down a little, and others. I still had fun playing and as the title says I keep gushing over the progress of this game. Keep up the great work cant wait to see more updates!

I played the game, It's fun. it doesn't have a lot to do and doesn't have an amazing story but I enjoyed it, but I think I played wrong... I kind of just made a head cannon and just rolled with it, so my experience might be different to most

I played it I think it has a lot of potential. For obvious reasons I wont talk about the length, but I did have a few comments, I like the fact the zombies crawl fast at you. Most games have slow crawlers so I like you went away from that trope, I also had some complaints so to say. One the hit box on the zombies seemed to be weird in the video I shoot at one zombie where I should not have hit and did, and another where I shot and should have hit but didn't so I think their hit boxes just need to work. I also think the spread on the shotgun should be increased at least a little, since unless you are shooting a slug the shot goes everywhere. But if these two small things are my only complaints then that means you got a good start and I can't wait to see more from the game

I liked it it has potential to be a really good game, it's just a little short atm but it's a game jam, it's gonna be rushed to get it out on time. Thats just how it goes, but from what is here I can see a bright future. I know after more is added to the story and it is more fleshed out it will be great, cant wait till then!

This is a pretty cool game, I love the graphics, it looks exactly like a ps1 or ps2 game. I never grew up with this story like the Hispanic community did but I found the story very interesting. The only issue with the game I had was figuring out what to do with the cards. (kinda spoilers) The item in question never looked, to me at least, like something to interact with so I was stuck for over 20 minutes running around until I just watched someone elses video to figure it out

I played the game, it's really interesting, the ending was not expected, but i thought it was good and was more than just most simple horror games

It's short and not the scariest in the world, but I liked it. It had a twist that was cool, and the environment was cool, and I had fun playing it which is the most important part

you know I wasn't expecting to wake up to such a nice comment but it really means a lot 

how did you get the happy ending??? Like I tried everything I think I played 4 times, got bad thrice and "true" once, I have absolutely no clue how to do it

I played the game, it's super interesting, I was super confused for most of it but I still had fun and (spoilers) I'm not sure how to get the third ending? like I tried both 100% good and 100% bad and a couple times in the middle so I don' know how I could do different. This is a part 1 btw.

I fully understand that, but I just want some more. It would be cool then if you do like "chapters" with each being a different nightmare that the player can experience multiple ways . Like a hellscape, or standing on top the world but they arent what you would expect Idk i just want more lol

You keep making updates, and I keep loving the game, I'm super excited that markiplier played your game. Now hopefully you'll get lots of people pouring in playing, sharing, and donating, I can't wait to see what greatness you'll give us in the future

Now this game is pretty fun, although it's a bit to close to emily wants to play for me to say it's amazing. But nonetheless I liked it a big scary monster, spooky theme and atmosphere, and over all pretty good, I'm not a huge fan of the (spoilers) random images that pop up after the first time they aren't scary just get in the way of moving. If you paused movement during them it might make it better though

An interesting game, Id like to see more I felt a little empty at the end, and need some form of resolution

I played the game it's short but mysterious. overall pretty good

Hi! I would like to second this persons report, 1366x768, mine also did not work

This is actually a pretty interesting game, no jumpscares, which is a plus in my book. But it has plenty of environmental, ambiance, and story related horror, which makes it a cut above most just trying to flash an image in your face to scare you.

I really just cant wait for all that is to come with this game. That sounds great, it'd be cool if like the pushing down event if she were to catch the player, give him a peck a single stab for 10 damage then let him go. It could be like she's trying to slow the whole process down since she loves the player, yet still thinks he deserves punishment for whatever it is he did

I played the game and got both (I hope theres only two cause I have no idea how to get a third) but it's good, I would love to see more from it like from the detectives perspective, if like now that he has seen the video he is the next target or something. love to see what happens next

I played the game again after the 1.5 update, let me tell you I spent 1 hour fully gushing over how much improvement went into it from 1.4 to 1.5 so much this video is audio evidence that I'm in love with this game and will be following it's improvement closely

wait you can scare HER??? honestly if i was in the MCs place I would never EVER be able to stare her down, also i dont recall giggling while playing so thats a horrifying thing ill have to hear when i play again thanks for telling me ahead of time, and i did try running but she was to fast, does she get caught up in the desks and it  slows her down? if so ill use that for the next time i play