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Thank you so much! I had no idea I could do that. 

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I love this game so much! I like how kind all the LI's are, and how comfortable they are. I feel like they all respect the MC's feelings and pace. Your writing is also fantastic. It's easy to read but also descriptive and easy to get lost in. I also love how you handled the MC's trauma. I hope that they have plenty of chances to heal with the help of the LIs.

The only (very small, very unimportant) problem I have is that there doesn't seem to be very many save files? I'm the kind of person that likes to save every chapter and go back and see what would happen if I make different choices, so having only 8 save files makes me a little nervous lol, like I have to be more careful. Maybe that's the point?

Anyways, thank you for writing such a wonderful story. I am really looking forward to future chapters.

Probably the most thoughtful and well put-together romance games I have ever played. Everything is beautiful and gentle and realistic.

Love this game so much! Although sometimes I feel hella guilty flirting with those who are in a relationship or still pining after thier ex.... I know it'll get better when you get to the chapter you decide a romance route in, but for now I feel icky sometimes lol. Also it's great how incompetent the main character is compared to all the awesome romance characters. I love it. Just a bumbling idiot that somehow succeeds in flirting with everybody.  I also like how different the three routes are, and how you get different pieces of information about the situation and all the characters depending on what route you chose.  I played Ambassador first, and the funniest part of the whole game was when I played the Nomad route after that, and the ambassador tried to get me to refill their drink. I was like "omg that was me".  Also, I am absolutely horrible at the midnight run mini game. Terrible. I think I made that first jump like once without failing. Hopefully the game won't make me do any coordinated stuff with my keyboard for the main story lol. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this game, I'm looking forward to the next chapters.

... Can I court Cedric? Please?

Jokes aside, the prologue was wonderful. I played through all the routes and I loved how unique and interesting they were.  I feel like everyone is constantly trying to play a prank on, embarrass, or trip up the main character, and it keeps me on my toes. The art is gorgeous, too. I'm excited for more. Thank you for the fantastic game. 

I bought the game. I cant wait!

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... Calipoa is my favorite... Her character is so likable, and your friendship so fun and natural feeling. I like the romance paths too of course.. but I liked Calipoa more. Is there an ending where I get to go dragon hunting with her?

I love it so far! I've just played through once and I got the fifth ending. Almost makes me not want to try some of the other options... It's just so sweet. I'll power through, but tears may be involved.

Also, forgot to mention this, but Rasumi was a fantastically creepy villian, and I only wish I knew more about her motivations.

Just finished all the endings. I'm still missing two achievements tho! D: 

The story was fantastic, and I loved how you got little glimpses and hits at the other routes while you were playing. 

I started with Sachiro's route, and it ended up being my favorite. It was just so sweet and funny while also being extremely thrilling. 

I played Zeikun second, and I really liked his story, it was probably the most intriuging out of all the routes, but for some reason I just didn't get as attached to his character as much, even though I really liked his character design and story. 

I played Kurato's route third, and I'll be honest I wasn't really looking forward to it. He gave me creep vibes in the demo.  I ended up liking it anyway, mostly because Kurato is just super cute, and when I found out that he was the fluffy creature I was honestly shocked.

I saved Junoru for last, and I'm glad I did. The romance felt most natural in this route. The only thing that kept Junoru's route from being my favorite is that in this route, I felt like the MC didn't get to shine as much. She was played off as more scared, and relied on the men a lot more. I felt like she didn't get to show off her badass side as much, which was kind of disappointing. I also fell in love with Blace in this route, was kind of hoping that in the normal end, after Jun died, we would see a glimpse of a romance with Blace. Sigh.

Her friends attitudes were kind of weird sometimes, and I felt like their personalities changed based on what route you were on, but I liked how supportive they were of their friend.

One character I couldn't force myself to like was Chain. I felt pity for him sometimes, but despite how much Kurato tried to convince me he was a good guy, I just couldn't see it. Maybe I would like him more if I knew more about why he was the way he was? Questionable. He was a big creep.

I have mixed feelings about Kaichi, sometimes I really liked him and sometimes he was just an ass. Lol. 

My only problem I had personally is how little some of the men in this game respected the MC's personal space and privacy. (Which was my main problem with Kurato)

Overall, it was fantastic and I loved it. I felt like all the routes were a good length and were very satisfying to finish. Thank you very much for your hard work in providing this game for us. 

I'm crushing on Jun's parents...

Love the demo! Lucien is already my favorite.  The text is a little hard to read sometimes, but other than that the game is gorgeous.

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Restarted the game and then tried again, at an earlier save like you said. It worked this time and I got the right ending. 

I noticed that with this update you fixed the error where the Golgotha won't come to your aide in Heath's route, even when you have the highest affiliation with them. However, even though you fixed that part, after the ending i scene with heath and the final battle where the Golgotha win, it suddenly starts acting as if you had played out a Mavvar-aligned ending, with Randal being the winner. 

Just wanted to point out something you might have missed.

Thank you for your hard work and the fantastic game.