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thanks! Your assets are so good! I can send you screens shots of our game, and the trailer as well so you can further show people what's possible with your assets.

We'll see how much my game makes, and I'll definitely contact you!

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Hey I really like the assets, is there anyway you can add more attacks? I'm really interested! I'm releasing my first commercial game on steam on the 29th. And I'm looking for assets for my 2nd game.

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Just thought I'd share, but I created a horror game with your assets and is releasing on the 29th on steam. You saved us so much time, we were able to finish a 5-7hr game in 3 months. Thanks hope I can work with you soon for some custom assets!

Where do I pay? How is this free!?

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Yo how  come the Attacks aren't complete? You only have 1 directions!

this isn't animated... like your video suggests

I just bought your asset and they're really good! I'm making a horror game with it, however I  noticed that with all the hospital objects there's no hospital building. Is there any packs with a hospital building?