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Totally had a blast playing this! Was only going to do one episode to showcase it but now thinking might get further in and do another one :) Thanks for an amazing fun bit of something different :) 

you are most welcome hun, got caught up recording a few more episodes cause man is it fun! 

I Rarely post videos to the pages cause I don't want to force my channel on someone HOWEVER lol I found this game to be FULLY addicting and such a GREAT kickstarted demo i can't help but help promote it anyway possible :) Great job! I havent gotten the nostalgia from the first game i ever played since then but this game fully gave it back to me :) 

Grabbed this game a few months ago then got busy and forgot about it but SO glad i saw it again to finally get moving on a showcase :) Yes i am late to the party but better late than never lol 

how do you interact with objects? Trying to showcase the game on my channel but can't interact lol (for example pick up the money)