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Wups I played a bit more with it and what I was looking for was Auto-wrap (for width) and Vertical Limit (for height). Any chance of "Best Fit" taking the Vertical Limit into account?

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I just got Super Text Mesh, but I can't find the way to set up the size (width/heigth) of a textbox. I'm not using any UI/Canvas system as I prefer to be working with Sprites than Images, so I can't use the Super Text Mesh UI component.

I used Text Mesh Pro a bit before, and the 3D text objects had a RectTransform instead of a Transform so I could still set a width/height for the box. Is there a way to do it in Super Text Mesh? 

Thanks, cheers! 

I've added a 32bit version, sorry for this!

I deleted your previous comment because it's completely wrong. The game was made before the Asset Package (Flight Kit) was even released. Check the dates duh, we released the game in the end of October 2015, and the asset in question was uploaded late February 2016. If any, -they- are the one that may have been inspired by our game.

The levels are randomly selected and there are five different ones, so if you keep playing you'll find more~~

It's plain unlit textures. No light on the scene.