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Seems like when I try to load my game for a bunch of places I get error messages like "sticktopia_mayor1.png" can't be found. It seems like a bunch of the area preview images for the saves are missing.

A few spoilers follow.

I enjoyed this game to play though it 5 times patterning different types of Overlords, a large part of the replayability coming from the different plot options you can choose and the various little secrets here and there. I enjoyed seeing the ramifications of my choices, although said ramifications were felt most strongly towards the beginning of the game. I would like to see more done with Heir's home domain, the only one that I recall making is the graveyard one, though it's possible I may have missed some. I  ended up across my games about 66 recruits total. In any case, if you make an expansion or sequel I'd like to see more done with the Home domain.

Combat balance depended a mix of my preparation/knowledge as well as a bit of luck. I found some moves like Overlord's Fury to depend upon said luck with the frequency of hitting/missing. In general, the greatest challenge seemed to come from either opponents with high evasion (which got a little bit annoying at times but was solvable by using life drain or magic) or puzzle-like bosses with shifting attack patterns that could alternately block/counter melee or magical attacks.

One of the times was only using, aside from the odd temporary NPC characters, the characters you receive by default (Heir, Lupa, Gaston, and Talia). It was very doable while providing some novel challenges for a mostly melee party.

For reasons I can't quite put my finger on I really enjoyed how this world game together. The parody town names and such were fun and not really distracting; I also enjoyed the movies and thought they matched the feel of the game. Also, there was always a feeling like there was more to be found I was missing. I couldn't ever figure out such as how to raise the dead orcs in that village, what substituting the fake elemental gems did at the end, the purpose of the orc chompers, and some of the locations seemingly unconnected with everything else.

My biggest suggestion would be to look at narrow corridors and how NPC could move to block paths in and out of places. I recall having to wait a while for the old sword collector in Dysert to get out of the way to exit his house. (I think i had been examining all of the stuff in his house long enough for him to get in the way of the exit)

Another suggestion would be to make the ways of transportation across the map a little bit more evident and accessible. It took me a while to figure out how the lighthouses could be used to instantly summon the ship (which is a very convenient and clever device). There were some places in which I never found a close harpy transport back to the nest, like the Home base.

These are for version 1.01.

After the orcs attack you in the Centralia mines, the game freezes if you choose the "Mercy" option in responding to the fallen orc's conversation. It gets to the point in the dialogue where the orc says their leader is right outside before the game freezes. The orc you’re talking to changes to facing the right, so it might be he’s trying to walk somewhere but is blocked by the debris in the way.

Sheesha's party animations (including her icon in the formation menu) are replaced with those of a ship after you find her in the stomach of the sea monster.

There are two Hassads in the Dysert castle if you visit him with Eris.

Apofasi gives you the Bracelet of Amnis if you suggest her to come to Home with you. Pagis gives you the Bracelet of Chamenos if you suggest inhabiting the Dysert temple.

At the Tower Chapel, am unconscious winged human is there even if you didn't burn down the Mages' Village.

I couldn't get the records button to do anything other than being highlighted in pink when clicking on it.

Seems like an interesting premise- I like the bizarreness of the world and how it's couched in the mantle of mundanity. Thus far, I've found the characters fairly archetypical but this seems like just the beginning, so it will be interesting to see where the game goes with them- and with the morality system.

If you're looking for possible bugs this early in, the Weird Student/"cosplayer" shows up at the southern end of the courtyard repeatedly.

A nice quickie, I appreciated being able to play it in browser. I enjoyed the various hero/world combinations that one can make and played through it several times to see what happened with who. There were a few surprising combinations that I'd never expect but made sense in hindsight (Ii thought Leo sent to Fantasm or Araenae would fail due to a lack of available technologies, but I should have seen his inventive solutions, for example.) I also appreciated there were multiple possible correct heroes to send to the world.

I registered to comment on this game, I really enjoyed it. Despite (or strangely, because?) combat damage was a bit swingy at times, I found the combat engine to be pretty solid and elaborate at the same time. Unlike the majority of rpgmaker games, the number techniques and the difficulty of the enemies motivated me to think about battle strategies ahead and also pay a lot of attention moment by moment in order to make it through. I don’t recall seeing as many by the skin of my teeth victory moments before, which I liked (this was from playing Normal mode). The enemy battles tended to take a little bit longer than I’m accustomed to, but because of the tactical decisions the combat forced me to make- it rarely seemed like a slog. I tended to hoard alchemical ingredients towards the end to make sure I could get all I wanted, but I appreciated having the full list of what you could make from the get-go in order to plan what to make.

Character wise, I felt like all the playable characters contributed at times, both mechanically and story wise. There was a little overlap between Aurelie and Chisa b/c of their lack of confidence, but their reasons for feeling self-doubt were very different (the former a lack of confidence in her moral goodness whereas the latter questioning her ability). Otherwise, the characters were very distinct from each other. Mechanically- the characters were all distinct too- Karuna was the best team buffer; Chisa was the healer and physical damage tank with her Heroic Drive and drain Impulse moves; Merel was the best elemental and mass damage dealer and refiller of the group’s MP, Lynette was a good combo mage/warrior debuffer, and Aurelie had an interesting self damage/massive darkness damage dealing mechanical going on.

Flavor wise, the game seemed to have a bit of dark tone but not really grim or gritty- the characters are always heroes and there’s not a massive body count of innocent bystanders- you get the feeling the heroes are always struggling against the darkness mostly on their own. I appreciated the moments of whimsy- the third king and his good-natured rambling tangents was a favorite. The fairy sidequest was also a nice change of pace- the options of freeing the trapped fairies vs. avoiding enemies felt like a meaningful one. After going through the long final dungeon, the detailed ending felt like the perfect way to top off the game.

Anyway, thanks for making this game. I got the impression there a lot of effort put into designing and play-testing it.