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I recommend you follow this link:


New version published!

Hey, just got the time to make some tests

All browser are between 50 hashes/s and 60 (4 cpus and throttle 0.2)

About NW.js I got between 40 and 45 hashes in preview)  and 50 hashes in export

And Electron got 48 hashes on preview (not the time to test export)

I think there's a problem on your end ?

This is surprising 🤔

I don't know what could be the reason. I will try to wrap with electron instead of NW.js to see if it's related the the wrapper or just because it's web

OK thanks for the info, I will correct that 

Can you screenshot me where it appear, I can't find it 

Awesome man! 

Theses stats are really useful 

Try to export your NW.js project

When running on preview, it's slow most of the time

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Did you installed any older version by hand ?

What do you mean ? I don't see the typo

Great to hear that a thank you ;) 

You can control how much cpu it take to not slow down the users computer, it's all explained in the corresponding actions 

Yeah gpu is the best, but you can use it correctly with web technologies currently. Also monero is designed to work good on cpu too, this is why it fits the best. 

Yeah all us about how much users you have and moreover how much time they spend on the page. 

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Hello and thank you for starting a new topic!

The page about the plugin , "Start miner" button is disabled and there is nothing working, so for what the example? or i'm missing something?

It's working for me and also for a lot of users. Don't forget to disable your adblocker and even your vpn (some like min block ads)

You made any game with this? Any stats or something you can share ¿? Any tutorial about mining monero you recomend to start or you followed? Like how get back monero > Real money $ .  Will be great add some links to understand better all the process.

No I didn't made any game with this.

I don't want to share my stats by know that It's on my website, I have only few users (around 2 a day) and I've generate the equivalent of 0.10$ in 3 month. I let you do the maths. Knowing that they don't spend a lot of time on the page (contrary to a game)

About tutorials, you can start by reading my post about this: or directly tutorials on the coinhive website

To get back your money in $, it's all done on your coinhive dashboard

You should also join my Discord, just ping me and i'll tell you about someone who is using the plugin inside his game. He also know a lot about crypt. He could give you some advices.

Also, is possible reward the player in the game with virtual goods depending on how much their are minning? Like some player needs game cash like gems/gols, so to earn more he increase the % of the CPU/GPU mining to get more. Like on mobile games on you decide to click on a video to earn gems/money or whatever. Is possible?

Of course, this is even the intended way ;)


This is why, even tho you have enabled automatic management, you should allow the user to manually set the number of threads or even completely disable it. It is even more important on mobile devices. 

But on most devices, auto management should run just fine. 

Note that in this current version, you cannot edit settings. Thus will be fixed in a next version. Subscribe to get latest updates! 

I mean the capx :) 


Can you please include sources in you submission as it is required.

Thank you :)

Glad you like the theme ;)