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hello, Mofu, please do something with the long-legged boss, because it is simply impossible to pass him: it is unrealistic to beat with a sword - the boss has a very large attack radius, it takes a very long time to kill with a bow, and it is almost impossible to dodge her attacks. When she shoots, she will almost always hit you, if you want to dodge a melee attack, then it will also be very difficult to do, since the range of the jerk is very small. Please make the boss passable, because so far everything is going to the point that I will simply lose interest in this game, since I don't have much fun beating someone who will never die simply due to the lame characteristics of weapons and a very weak main character

I changed the keyboard layout that I replaced now I can't go into the game, because they require me to press some kind of "ButtonA". Tell me where this key / combination is located, or how to bring the game settings down to standard

when will the translation be in Russian? Or is he already present?

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yes, I have already noticed, but there is some kind of strict restriction there, because of which I cannot normally reduce this or that part of the body. It's clear about the chest, but with the rest...I don't understand why it's there

will recipes be added to reduce individual body parts (penis, breasts, balls)?

Great game, interesting, sometimes even funny. Hopefully a big update will come out soon. I would like to ask: will the possibility of penis reduction and enlargement be introduced?