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how would i change the resolution? i cant go into options and theres no config file

windows 10 version 1908

I have, it didn't fix it.

Is there anyway to fix this?

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Its just staying on the open book no menu or anything

fuck off

Really interesting game

stuck on skulls

click it a lot of times

i love this

metro 2033 with meth very creative idea

it says its going to be finished in 2018, is it?

cool but the beeping sound is annoying. if youre gonna simulate tinnitus at least make it realistic

in this game you die like john f kennedy

Very scary and spooky i would reccomend

boring as hell, why the fucks this tagged horror even that game about carrots is scarier than this. in conclusion, wasn't funny didn't laugh

This really looks sick, and a version that runs on the web would be nice.

this is very very cool, is there anything after that gallop thing?