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I like it, but it's too short!

I don't like the idea of time slowing down whenever you re-roll. It doesn't really help to make the game easier, it feels like a waste of time just waiting for the enemies to come to you when you roll a 6. Good gameplay and concept though!

he foll

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he speen

hold left and up and no hurty hands

how is this possible in just 554 characters?!

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that leg animation tho

Fun game! surprised you did this all in 3 hours too!

The collison box was used from a PICO-8 demo, which had bad collison, but I didn't know you could do plr.tx=plr.x\8 until a little bit after making the game.

The fizzy water causes you to die, which was a mistake but then turned into a mechanic, and I didn't wanna push myself with moving enemies, so I just kept all the stuff static except the player.

I think I started a trend by accident


You cannot update the game after you post it here, we have a whole topic on it here.

Summer Break Jam community · Created a new topic Submitted!

Finally submitted Tennis balls, made with an engine called PICO-8. You can check it out here.

I do use GDevelop, but for my submission I'm using PICO-8, since it's a simple software to make games.

Summer Break Jam community · Created a new topic No.


PC is recommended, most people don't have controllers for games. Even if you do have a controller but the game isn't controller supported, you can use antimicro to map button inputs to keyboard/mouse inputs.

Sounds good!

In the prizes section of the jam, it says "The top 3 winners will get special roles on my discord server", but what if we don't have a discord account? will we not be able to get our prize? should we create a one specifically for that?

If there's any bugs or extra mechanics we want to add, can we fix our games and add extra content to them after the jam ends? or do you only get one try and then that's the game?

Probably not, since there still could be some people who join the jam, there's still plenty of time.

We already have the theme of the games for jam, but will there be a limitation or mechanic that we have to follow once the jam starts?

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My controller works fine with the itch version, although the controls on this itch page are not "exact" to how pico-8 handles my controller, since the A and B buttons are reversed.

But still even if you don't use a controller for playing this game, it's pretty epic. 😎

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Really good game! wish you posted it on pico-8 so I could play it with PICO-8 and have proper controls with my controller.

I'm going to too


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Limitation: One handed controls

Solution: Wii Controller

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But you could make it a text prompt game, since you can type with one hand

It depends on what the user does to type.

Probably could use gdevelop5, it's the most easy to work with and export with.