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Alpha Man

A member registered Jan 21, 2021

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nvm i'm an idiot

where do i get wick?

Hold Q

God damn it man

after that it doesn't let me start

Error #2044: Unhandled ioError:. text=Error #2032: Stream Error. URL:

at Preloader()

why do i always get this error when starting the game?

Try zooming out my man. atleast you don't get errors just from starting the game

does this work anymore?

What are you? some kind of 90's action fighter?

Keqing is that you

why is everyone using this thread to flex their art skills? some of us can't draw for not having arms..

i believe in Ezra Superiority

Replay the game

Man, this is awesome

and the fact we can Name ourselves? yes.

Igot Demboobies... Ye

This game is so fun

also for the Newbies.

1. Have a Throwaway hero to scout
2. while you do scouting make a Large army stationed in your castle (I recommend a Castle that has flying units)
3. Put on Razormind by Simon Viklund
4. Raid
5. Enjoy winning

where is the troll again?

Its in the Cemetery


How do i get a Monster Breeding license?, Im Panicking right now at day 3 since i don't have any NPCs to ask it

Hmmm... i don't Actually know, Does the Cafe Have different Benefits than the Bakery?

whats the Best job? i kinda feel the Cafe job pays less than the Bakery job

While waiting for the Next update ill just go climb some Rocks with Lisa from Genshin impact