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I wont lie, im kind of...One of those people? Who basically can only like a set amount of kinks? I saw this game, got interested in it ages ago. But couldnt really get too into it with the lack of anal (At that point its just a me thing) BUT Im a bit ashamed to admit i got hella excited when I saw anal art....The game looks cute afterall
(though before I play it, i will assume there isnt much anal animations? Just art?)

Sorry for the late reply! But thank you! (Also im suddenly very interested in this Yin character...)

i do wonder what kinks are in the game? like anal and stuff

This was adorableee! I cant help but want to hug piggy, she sounds like a dear. And it says that hard (red !) is not implemented, guessing that'll be implemented in the future? (Sorry i just...cant help myself but slap her star lol...)

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its 64 bit

(edit: it "started" but wont load fully, and just gets stuck. guess its on my end? idk)

I wonder if there will be more anal scenes, though the normal stuff is hot too hehe 

I dont know why. But the gam ewont start, it just shows the "Unity WebGL" and a black screen. Ive tried reloading and everything, im on chrome

I wonder if i missed something in the game. Or maybe it is just a small little project, if so it was still fun!

I wonder how many anal scenes are in the game? like which alien does anal on her?

Hitting enter doesnt work for some reason, it wont send the message once its green

just a question but what are the kinks in this game?

just wondering what kinks are in this game?

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ive got a small question but is this a horror porn game or a horror game with nsfw elements? and if it is what are the kinks in it?

i got through the main area and now the thing got me. what do i do now?

Yeah same im having issues getting past the main area...

Im sorry for another question but what do i do after i steal the keys? I cant attack them alone and i dont know who i need to be with me.

question. How do i ensure Cassies safety? Ive already spoken to Lin lin, Fawn and Arlene.

anyone know what is required to get all the tavern tales/stories? (slut and heroic ones)