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Ark Angel

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love this hope too see more development in the future !!!  

loved this game the. enjoyed it very much!


LOL wish it was a bit longer XD


thanks :)

just quick question. is there any method of taking scream shots in your game .cos my meathead is quit unconventional!


love the game hope to see more thanks for the wonderful game!

LOL this  game is so funny 

this file has a virus :(


yes cant wait to see what you come up with !

Even though it it wasn't that scary.  it still got me every time on the jump scar LOL XD

Good game !  

Loved it  you could  rely feel the cold and dark forgotten world.and the puzzles are a lot

of fun do keep up the good work !! 


I enjoyed it so much that I went for  another round LOL XD


thanks looking forward to the full game. good job on the amazing art style :D

loved it 

real cool plat former game 


thanks :D

Love this game please continue it love to see a sequel :)


this game was so Frustrating! Yet silly and fun at the same time LOL XD thanks

just watching you play this makes me want to give it a try


i couldn't agree more LOL XD

Dear Adamgryu thanks so much for this game. love every moment of it XD