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Mihir Solanki

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Nvm the form is fixed now

Hello,my game won the second prize but for some reason i cannot access the google form from my is the same email used here.


Thank-you manav!

thank-you Shreyash

thank-you Nani

Thanks a lot for your thoughts on the concept Saif!

Very cheeky attempt at simple bat and ball.Makes me wanna break my mouse everytime i miss!

Nice attempt on the armstice theme!I was unable to cross the third room(the one with the locked door).Probably one of the stairs is bugged.

Thanks Akhil!

will you be targetting mobile devices?

thanks Amrit!

same 2 you man!

(1 edit)

I think you nailed the mudane theme.A different kind of game for different people i guess :P.

Thats a very interesting concept in fund management.I did face issues where my starting tiles were against me from the start,but solving the puzzles is well woven. 

glad you liked it!

Thank you VIshnu.


Thanks bro!

Thanks bruh!

thanks sherrin.

Thank-you Rakesh!

Ok Thank-you!

That's a swell idea and some amazing artwork! Hoping to see it built all the way :)

Hello ,can we edit the game page after submission like linking a video or will it break the rules of submission?