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And then I had a wonderful time with this peaceful fishing game? I don't understand the ellipses at the end of your comment.

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This comment is funny because it made me think that it was going to be horror, so I went in thinking that, but was caught off-guard by how simple and wholesome it was.

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Very nice game! I just beat it, and have to say that it was a very nice departure from the recent Cursed Travels horror-puzzle series. My only issue is that sometimes, when I miss, it detects two missed inputs instead of only one. Other than that, wonderful little game you made here.

I also love the "New Game+-esque" Endless Mode feature after you catch all of the fish. It's relaxing to just fish and see how big of fish you can catch.

My highest was a 35.80cm Rainbow Trout. What's anyone else's biggest catch?

This is just the demo, the full game will release on Steam in April of next year, though there's a lot of Alpha/Beta testing until then (from what I can tell only Kickstarter Backers can access Alpha, but it'll be released to the public on Beta launch).

That's due to the flood flow algorithm used by Unity WebGL, and is unfortunately bound to happen. It's not apparent in the Steam release, though.

I actually spent the past few days testing this out, and I've figured out how Chainsaws work, on a technical level. Essentially, to prevent Duct Taped Cleavers from infinitely proccing each other, each Cleaver can be used multiple times per round, but is only actually allowed to activate each other Cleaver once in a given round. That means that if Cleaver A activates Cleaver B at its side, then Cleaver A can't also activate Cleaver B through Duct Tape.

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Oh, his name is Farold, which literally just means "mighty traveller", and Roberts, which just means "fame, bright".

His name just means "the mighty, famously bright, traveller.

To continue my "all of Ferociter's games are set in the same universe" theory, this is the factory that would later go on to become the setting of Warper's first chapter.

Something that can help with this is to max the Item Animation Speed in the Settings.

Yeah, this is a bug that sometimes happens. Sometimes, after seeing it, if you immediately reload the webpage, and don't tab-out when it's loading, it can sometimes fix it, but it's not guaranteed.

Funnily enough, Jack Cleavers are actually better for Chainsaws; they offer one more point of Damage, and when facing towards Duct Tape, will affect it in the exact same way as King Cleavers. Also, they're cheaper.

Matthew unlocks after either dying five times, or pressing "m" on the main menu.

It gives you Energy, which is the number in the orange circle that dictates how many standard actions you can take in a given Turn.

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As someone who has the Kickstarter alpha build on Steam, don't worry; all of the intensive junk with the Berserker build and Mana Stone flood fill will be fixed on launch. That being said, I agree that there should be a downloadable web version.

It pairs with a Metallic Wand build exceptionally well.

Oh, yeah, that's part of the path to complete it, though.

Can you give me a hint? I've made it through the end, but I can't for the life of me figure this thing out.

I think I figured out a bandage fix for the bug where the game gets bogged down by having too much Mana. It doesn't fix the core issue, but it helps.

Make Mana-related items always useable, but, when they are used, do a check for surrounding Mana, and if it has none, give a 0x multiplier to its effect. It doesn't help the fact that the algorithm is extremely processing-intensive, but it makes sure that the game only actually does the check when necessary, whereas right now it does it constantly.

Make sure it isn't on an incognito tab, and cookies are being saved. Also, the game just updated, and that wipes save data to avoid conflicting versions of items.

Is there a secret room in this game too? If there is, I can't find it for the life of me.

Originally, in an earlier version of the game, Arrows would stack, and be used up as fired. This led to Archer builds being unreliable, as you typically used up more Arrows than you received per fight.

At two Shady Traders in a row, I traded a Wizard Cap for another Wizard Cap. Then again a few Traders later.

Oh my God, thank you for the Atlas; I've wanted a list of items that I could fill out ever since I first played (it gets a bit annoying trying to build-design, and forgetting that a certain item exists, and would be much better than what you're looking for).

I love the game, but one issue I found in The Dropper and Aristotle was the sheer number of moving parts caused the flashlight to lag out, and not follow the cursor.

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Oh cool, right after I finally finished Cataractae's secret ending, you make a new game. Awesome! And a part of my favourite of your series.

Huh, interesting. Thanks!

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Finally found the Secret Room; took me a while. Nice game!

Also, the thing that made me assume there was one was a wall-jump mechanic I found, before realising that the path to the room doesn't require the wall-jump. Was the wall-jump originally going to be part of the game that you didn't remove, or is it just a bug?


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Wow, that was a quick response; thanks! I look forward to the Amidst the Sky sequel.

Also, I saw Duality of Opposites to be a more abstract representation of what happens to a Soul when it enters the Mirror in Soul Mirror, or a similar Soul-splitting artifact.

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Hey, Ferociter, I loved the game, but quick question: which of your games have the same protagonists? I personally have a headcanon where they're all the same person (except for Trial of Temptation, Warper, and Duality of Opposites), and the story is told out-of-order, ending with the "becoming one with the universe" scene in Amidst the Sky, but I wanted to know if there's an official view of this?