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Huh, interesting. Thanks!

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Finally found the Secret Room; took me a while. Nice game!

Also, the thing that made me assume there was one was a wall-jump mechanic I found, before realising that the path to the room doesn't require the wall-jump. Was the wall-jump originally going to be part of the game that you didn't remove, or is it just a bug?


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Wow, that was a quick response; thanks! I look forward to the Amidst the Sky sequel.

Also, I saw Duality of Opposites to be a more abstract representation of what happens to a Soul when it enters the Mirror in Soul Mirror, or a similar Soul-splitting artifact.

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Hey, Ferociter, I loved the game, but quick question: which of your games have the same protagonists? I personally have a headcanon where they're all the same person (except for Trial of Temptation, Warper, and Duality of Opposites), and the story is told out-of-order, ending with the "becoming one with the universe" scene in Amidst the Sky, but I wanted to know if there's an official view of this?