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Yes, please rest and take care of yourself!!! You've done something incredible. 

Genuinely thank you so much. Will get to it tomorrow!!!

Will get to this tonight!

If there was any way to make it so you could choose what number certain things were capped at, or where you could be able to lose levels if it got to be too extreme, that would be good. Sacrificed enough relics to make my skirt level 6 but now it's fairly unusable because I'll just clip out of the ceiling sometimes. So it's not just a piss issue. 

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Items that produce the green hand sign, but I can't interact with:
-black die near the toy store 
-egg in the dark lounge. 

Items that produce the yellow piss symbol, but pissing does nothing to:
-Shiny portal thing in the ground next to the mainframes (on the base area of the apartments, but the highest point of the area)
-Coffee machines

I didn't include NPCs without dialogue because you said that a bunch were left in accidentally. But if you ever patch all that I'll go back to check all the ones I can.

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Absolutely loving the game so far, I've played for 6+ hours. Main glitches I've found so far that I don't see in the comments:
-Permanently stuck now so that if I put on the torso item from the locked 75 key room next door to my apartment it starts continuously producing piss homunculi. Unequipping doesn't stop this, only reloading the game does (which unequips the item). It didn't start until after I found the secret treasure room across from floor 100. It's pretty funny but also usually causes the game to crash from rapid secretion of pissbabies :(
-Idk if tears/relics/piss upgrades/wallet upgrades are supposed to respawn each day (as in they respawn in the places you can collect them from like the locked security room on floor 100). If they are, then ignore this. Otherwise note that they regen every day cycle so I can just keep collecting them.
-Can't figure out if I'm supposed to have a way to save quests/keep them visible on the inventory page. I'll get what I think is a quest (like the drac 5 golden statues one) and see it on my inventory page for like a few minutes, but the moment I click on something else it disappears from the inventory screen. 

Please let me know if there is a better way to contact you about bugs (I'm tech inept and just aware of this itch page as a place to comment cause I don't have twitter), and please don't take this as in any way I'm saying the game is bad because of these things. I adore it. 

I hope you eventually are able to get a well deserved rest!! Currently playing and it's incredible.


Read the thing, it's cool as hell. Oh, to be a grumpy old ram belligerently helping you save yourself from certain death

Heya all, hope you're still doing well. Replaying SotH after a while, and finding a couple glitches that make the game stop-when i get to the dream sequence in the hotel bed, it starts repeating the bed's dialogue when I get to the mom. Also, when I get to the shooting star sequence, it keeps repeating 'look ma, a shooting star!' as the shot lowers by about 2 spaces but the dialogue doesn't.

Thank you for making these games, and sorry for the bother.

I really love this game, and I've been playing it for days, but I've experienced a major glitch twice that's driving me nuts. I'll get a piece of tablet, hold onto it for a few days, deposit it in my home, and then it disappears from my home inventory. The characters I collect the pieces from still act like they've been collected (although the blue arrows that appear when I'm near them still appear), so I can't simply redo a task. I reset my game once already, and now it has happened a second time just after I finished the third task. This is a great game I've had so much fun playing, but I'm not sure if I want to redo everything for a third time. 

that's how you rate it. lets you name your game as any type of thing (it could say 'rate this simulation', 'rate this mystery', et

Aye Aye Captain!

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Just curious, but would you ever add some of your newer stuff to this collection?

But seriously thank you!!! I'm so excited to play!!!

Can I delete Visual Studio Installer cause it's taking up a ton of space lol

It worked!!! Thank you so much!!!

Oh it's Windows 10 64-bit. I think the 64-bit is the problem?

Yeah, it's in there.

Thank you so much for doing this!

Hey quick question-I'm having trouble opening up Song of Homunculus. I just get this screen. Sorry for bothering you I'm bad with computers. Many thanks!

Just a heads up, when you're interacting with Jaxson and he asks to bring a girlfriend over it doesn't work if you try to respond either way.Loving the game so far tho!

I hope that you will get enough from this fundraiser. You both are amazing. Thank you for what you do.

I was do I find an orc girl to smooch...

I forgot how much I love this game holy shit. Replaying cause I can sneak the zip file into my computer class lol. I've gotten both the blue and demon tarot endings by this point but I'm having fun finding new ways to die. The hellish cycle of reincarnation is endless! This game feels endless and is incredibly fun for the whole glitchbrained family!

(I love how all of the characters are made of bits and scraps but still have our illusory idea of a 'personality')