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Even the patreon link leads to an empty page. I don't think that this game is alive anymore :(

Can rape scenes be avoided somehow?

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I'm just sooo hoping for an update of EraHunter. I do play Naked Adventure, but I think EH is much more compelling.

I'm just not fond of the idea that the protagonist is being blackmailed to go naked, instead of choosing to do so, and that she finds herself chased by pervs. EH is much more playful imo.

Is an update due?

I'd be interested if the protagonist is (or can be) a naked girl.

Is part 2 available already? And, if so, where can I get it?

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That one sure candidates for most useless algorithm of 2023... And very clumsy too; if one downloads them in the wrong order, he can't get both of them?

Hmmm... And if the demo gets updated, does the button appear again?

You may want to contact support about it.

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Ah! That is very helpful already!
But indeed, I would welcome each of your games reporting it. Your artwork is unique to say the least, and very attractive to say the on-but-least xD

And would any of the games happen to have female exhibitionists in them?

I have the first chapter. Do I have to pay for each chapter separately to have a complete story??

Well, it doesn't seem to be worked on anymore. And since the story isn't ven finished yet, I recommend that people wait purchasing this game, to prevent buying something unfinished.

Your games look interesting, I love the art-work. I would gladly purchase some of them even. But  they don't have tags mentioning the genders of the protagonists :(

Above all, I wish your dev much strength and a speedy recovery!

I don't have the demo button on this page. Is it the same demo that I got me on the day that I purchased the Steam version as well?

I also noticed that this page doesn't register me as already having bought the patch. I don't mind, since the patch is quite affordable. It's just unclear if and where I should get the demo, and if I need to upate the patch as well then.

Good luck with the project! Your examples look very promising.

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I too was surprised to find that she had time to dress up before dealing the final hit. Would help me a lot if she taught me how to do that! Then I can sleep in a bit longer before making for work.

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Erahunter is an RPG Maker game, with Era being the female protagonist. There are fights in the game, and sneaking and streaking.

Fine artwork in my opinion, and there is an actual story to the game. It's not just senselessly being naked, there is actual context to it.

It's not one of them Japanese games that revolves around humiliation and violation of fems. Thank God! Those really turn my stomach.

The game is not yuri or lesbian only. The scenes are not hardcore, but more like naughty, and there's a certain light-heartedness and humor to it. For instance, her main hunt involves her underwear that gets snatched from her somewhere at the start of the game.

If you're a bit like me, the game will have you looking forward to the updates. I rated it 5 stars.

The game is tagged "Female Protagonist", but from the description and screenshots I get the impression that we will be playing a man.

Did I miss something?

And: is the game censored in any way?

Would be great if I could play any of the fems in the game.

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And there are no plans to sell a fully uncensored version here with time? (or via KaguraGames for instance, who sell all their games uncensored)?

It seems that I received only a demo upon paying $1.90 for the .pak and downloading the demo version. Where can I find the download link to the full game?

I payed the $1.90, and received only a .pak with a nude patch. Since there were no other downloads, I also downloaded the demo version. But I played an introduction + tutorial, and then the game ended with "Thank you for playing".

Where do I get me the full game then?? Shouldn't the download link to it be on this page somewhere as well, or have been available on the page where my payment took me?

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If this game had a female protagonist, and a set of guys to have her admire her, I would gladly give this NV a try. But I just don like playing a dude MC.

The artwork looks great, after all!

I noticed that the Steam version is released by Wasabi. Does that mean that that version has mosaic censorship?

And if I buy the game here on, will it have mosaics?

I didn't feel any weaker indeed when I was shown the -10% armor debuff.

Along with the other things reported (both by me and by other users), I think that you should restructure your listings and decide well which tasks are to be conducted by which subroutines, so that alterations and modifications have fewer side effects.

Another bug that I found: the weather debuffs do not match with the weathers that I see on the screen. I nowhave, for instance, a crystal blue sunny sky, but a -10% armor snow debuff.

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What is it that Isabell wants? I brought her several dicks already, one of them even with the werebear still attached to it (didn't end all too well, mind me saying it), but she just keeps telling me that I should return to her when I have some dicks for her.

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Hmmm... Scuse me in advance if you start finding me a nag. It's pretty much the only hobby that I can afford nowadays hehe.

1. When we kill a bear, its remains are extremely bouncy,

2. Every now and then, when we kill something, any of the following happens:
- it disintegrates before we have a chance to loot it,
- it stays standing there un-animated, but doesn't drop dead (even though it registers as such, and we can loot it),
- it, again, registers as dead and we can loot it, but it stays animated as being alive (this happened a single time with a boar).

3. I created a werebear and put it next to Isabell. It didn't respond to the "follow me" command, and after I had sex with it (with the animal having the initiative) and then stayed next to it, it attacked Isabell, hitting me in the process.

4. I attacked a weresomething in the gamefield who was over-leveled for me (not the one that I summoned). It initiated a  sex scene. Two peculiar things happened next on separate occasions:
- When I set the camera to free mode, it was extremely far away, and i had to make quite a journey to get back to the scene,
- the screen kept showing the "LMB = attack, RMB=block" message, but when I tried those randomly, the game bugged out, and eventually I had to reload the game.

5. A cosmetic suggestion yet: It would be nice, especially during the sex scenes, if the camera could go lower, like seeing the protagonist from the bottom, as we are looking up. This would have a tricky consequence that you may not want to overlook: when we move from the front to the back or vise versa, the camera needs to rotate 180 degrees at some point to prevent seeing her and the game field upside down.

6. When I teleport to another waystone (I have it when I move to the one at the village), then the camera is on the floor, so I see only grass. At that point, I can turn the camera, but I can't stand up or walk around.

Oh, and don't bother the extra Me; I appreciate the company xD

By the way, since I post this all on a public channel, I have a comment for aspiring players: If this game looks interesting to you, do give it a try. All those comments that I posted were from a single game session, so obviously I do enjoy the game all-heartedly. And despite the details that I report here, the game is playable very well, and it performs great, also on Linux!

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I figured one and another out in the meantime.

Some things that I didn't notice before:

1+2+7. At the center of the screen there is a little tetragonal dot. When I put it on sme item, like the reource table or a freshly killed beast, then a yellow text appears at the bottom left of the screen, telling me that I can interact.

For your information, I'm playing on a 1920x1080 monitor, with a nvidia 2070 RTX card. I have the issue both in Fullscreen and in Fullscreen Windowed modes. I didn't find any option in the settings to rescale the resolution.

3. For instance, I walk up to the table just mentioned, and stand facing it, seeing the MC from behind. Then I turn the camera, and I press 'W' to start walking away (I should say "running"). Then she doesn't turn around to walk away from the camera, but stays put. I need to use 'A', 'S' or 'D' first.

When I am facing the table, and I push 'S', then she walks away from the table backward (as it ought to be ofc). So I suspect that the issue is in the design of the response to those keys.

4. There are two women. One is indeed Isabell, dressed in white. But next to the waystone there is a naked woman named "Survivor", with a 100/100 health bar and a skull symbol. And yeah, considering that I die so often, I think that I died recently before that. But at the moment, she is still there.

5. I did find that the PrintScreen key can be remapped. But can I detach that key altogether, instead of mapping it onto another one?

I'm asking because I'd like to have the screenshots move to my regular screenshot folder instead of the one dictated by the game.

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Is there no description going with this game? It doesn't even mention the gender of the protagonist. And the screenshots imply that the game is only in Japanese.

Will a windows or linux version arrive with time?

It apppears to happen when I combat the blue winged shadows. Could it be that something else is going that makes it seem to me like that?

When it happens, the game typically ignores the Esc- key up to some point, and then I can attack manually again.

The game appears to switcdh rto auto-battle all the time.

Do I need to lose battles to gain corruption?

Ah thanks!

Is this game still being worked on?

We can't.

The current version is not even an entire chapter yet. The game ends after a day, and we can't save the game.

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When I started the game, it started in first person, as I was watching the woman.

I wondered if I can skip playing the male, and just play the woman character instead? And, if so, how do I switch to the woman in second person (playing with keyboard + mouse)?

I too purchased this game and reported it not to be working. The dev replied with a not-working fix, and never responded to any further reports.

Trying to run the game brings up a text screen with some listing in it.

Frankly, I'm starting to suspect that this game is actually a honeypot.

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(build 0.8 alpha7)
1) how am I to level up? every mob is stronger than I myself, and I have no gear or weaps of any kind.

2) There is a table showing the text: "Materials for building", but I can't interact with it.

3) When I'm standing next to an object, I can't move forward, but I need to move in any other direction first.

4) There is this woman tagged "Survivor" having an enemy-symbol over her head. Am I supposed to combat her?

5) How do I disable the PrintScreen key?

6) Does masturbation give any other benefits than just a good time?

7) I did find a chest, but just like the table, I can't interact with it. Nor can I skin the deer and does that I killed.

8) It feels awkward to have her look into the camera all the time.

9) Can I disable the PrintScreen key somehow?

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Can I choose which protagonist I want to play, or are both mandatory?

And do I need a VR set to play the game?

However, if you allowed the game to be updated for people who already purchased it, they'd be more willing to buy it. As is, people pay dozens of bucks for incomplete, intermediary versions.

Naturally, you should incorporate that they don't get the benefits that they didn't pay for.

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Frankly, I feel quite the same. I payed for a game that even has less than a complete chapter 1, and I'm gonna have to pay more to finally get to play a completed version.

I doubt that the devs considered their break-even point well; the game may bleed dry before it gets completed.

I really hope that they'll reconsider, or I have little hope for this game's future.