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How do I get me the not-demo version?

Develpment is extremely slow, though :(

Pity, since it's a promising game.

Is the protagonist male or female?

Can I play a female protagonist?

Is futa optional or can it not be avoided?

Is the protagonist the female that does the playing around, or is it some dude who plays around?

1) I am NOT going to give my phone number to subscribe to your site. And now that I purchased the game, I need to pay a monthly fee for it??

2) About the game itself: it loooks very appealing, but it should come with some more instructions about the key settings, and what I am supposed to do at which point.

3) I welcome the change for there to be more exposure than sneaking around.

Hoping for an English version.

Is the protag male or female?

Wow! Sounds like a major update!

Take your time. Looking forward to the next version already, though.

When the game is in a (somewhat) more complete state, I'll gladly pay some for it though.

The game sure has potential, and the artwork from the 1.0 version that was here before is really appealing. That's why I may appear to be - and actually am perhaps - nagging so much about it.

Hope to see more soon. Keep up the good work and have a great 2024.


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I understand & agree.

I'd appreciate btw, if you kept us informed here which latest version with renders is available on your Patreon, so that we can come over and purchase it. Or perhaps you have a Discord where such things are announced? Or you could offer a paid version here, optionally next to a free old/demo version for people to check out?

Good luck with the game. I'm looking forward to play it.

Where can I get the cheat mod?

Same here. Hoping for an update, and hopefully with reworked graphics.

is this just a click-through text game?

I looked on the Patreon, but I see only a link to this page there, and that one was only text with a placeholder.

Version 6-2023 already, and still they haven't solved the aimlessly wandering around issue. "Find Ron's brother", without any indication where he could be. This game could be very good, but things like this seriously break it for me. That's why I left their Patreon eventually.

The game really really needs better descriptions for quests, and especially where everything is.

Why not post them here on as well, with a minimum price.


EDIT: Unlike what the description suggested, I am to play a dude! A MALE dude!

Done here.

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Is she only a nudist on the beach, or is there OON content as well with a male audience?

More tags in the "more information" section would be helpful. Not just to potential buyers, but with so little info, the dev may miss out on a customer base that would actually want the game, but who hesitate to spend $10 on a game that they may not like.

Some tags that I recommend (not yet having played it myself): "female protagonist", "ren'py" (I think?), "exhibitionism" and  "visual novel"/"kinetic novel".

and which is this prequel that you referred to? I'd like to look into that one as well.

Indeed, I am now playing remake v0.2. Looks great.

Oh, my bad. I was under the impression that newer versions were available on Patreon. In that case I readily apologize.

Looking forward to the next version, which I'll gladly pay some for.

That did happen indeed. But since I couldn't find Mei's shop, I foregoed it.

the tutorial doesn't mention which key I ned to pres to catch the diamond during battles.

okay, no problem. The quest were done fairly rapidly anyways. I just need to ask you then where to find the slime quest, so that I can make sure to do that one before speaking with the queen.

It could be an idea to design that section of the game so, that the queen won't see Helen until all prerequisite quests are completed.

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Aha, that's it! I didn't do the slimes indeed. Idk where to find them though, but I'll look around. just stroll around until I feel something squishy on my feet, I suppose? xD

I did the cat quest already. Then I spoke with the queen, and I told her that I would check the East side of the river in search for the mysterious lady. Then I received access to the rundown house in the South West of the town, and I slept there. So I suppose that now it's time to go across the river?

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No, I haven't. I downloaded the game instead. That one runs perfectly.

I just have 2 things that I need a bit of help with.

1) I can't find Mei's shop, and previously I couldn't find Kyle (I don't recall who he is, actually),

2) I have the quest to explore the East side of the river, but when I cross the bridge, and then try to go down the path, it says: "Now is not the right time."

when I attempt to run the online version hereabove on my Linux Manjaro with Firefox, the game respons with "this operation is not secure".

I joined his Patreon a minute ago, and the dev's most recent post was from yesterday. So it seems that he's still up and running.

I am, however, ever more impatient to see this story continue. Hope that it happens any time soon, but until then, we'll have to wait and see, I'm afraid.

There's only version 0.1 yet.

I don't fancy playing monthly for a game that isn't there. When Patreon has an update, let us know here plese Then I'll gladly join your Patreon for a single month to get me the game. In fact, you should consider to offer the latest version here for pay, if or not next to a free version.

The devlog doesn't even mention at all if there's a newer version already.

Can't download the windows version; the link was used too often.

Any updates on their way?

Oh, that's good to know!

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I read that too indeed. That's why I was surprised to find it tagged "abandoned". I spoke with the EraHunter team before on Patreon, and they told me back then that EraHunter was merely on hold because of the Naked Adventure project.

The demo is censored. Is the paid version censored as well?