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Very simple concept but i like it, but the little sound effect when closing a window for a few seconds sounds like a 💩 maybe change it? lol 5/5 nonetheless

I really liked this one, cuz unreal engine is best for indie horror games. Near the end I had no more film (couldn't finish).. but got some spooks out of this one. good stuff 5/5

maybe add some more film so you don't run out lol

I gotta admit, the walls of this labyrinth are kind of thin, don't you think? lol

Not sure if the items are randomly generated but i couldn't find the flashlight and key again... rip, seemed to be a good game too 5/5

A really well made demo, I played two of your other games and I gotta say this one was really well made. good work 5/5

I liked the end portion of the game it was like a playing a movie or something.

I didn't really find any bugs but i did kind of find the part where you played as a child, somewhat funny, the charactor model she looked like a dwarf lol

but it was a very good demo good work as usual!

After playing Wounds 3 couple months back.. your boy arigato had to check out Wounds 4, i must say its cool to see what happens to Alma after Wounds 3, there are 2 bugs where in the wheelchair part you can't die, and sometimes when shooting the zombies - the bullets don't register... other than that, you did a good job with Wounds 4, some footage.

sorry for the late video, pc set up wasn't right...

yo i like this one better than the original one Juan 5/5 good work!

come to think of it, i loved the fire animation, you did a good job with that.

I liked this one, simple concept, doesn't have to be in english to get what you have to do, i think i drowned at the end of my session, rated 5/5 good work!

cool to see so many other people played this, i gotta see the updates to this game.

good entry, won't let me rate.

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I like how smooth this one ran, visually it was pretty, the controls were fluid.. i fell through the map two times, and went ragdoll mode by pressing a random key.. i couldn't find the hut but i liked this one 5/5, here's some footage. (won't let me rate :/ )

i like this one, didn't encounter anything broken in my 22 minutes..

maybe add some controls for people to see on the itch io :+)

rated 5/5, here's some footage.

So i gave the game a go, couple things i encountered i noticed..

The forest part my 1080 ti was hit hard, looked like 15fps or something

The flashlight was like 99% useless i have to admit that lol

Maybe have it so that it shows how many left you have to collect, like 1/8, 7/8.. or was it my fault for thinking i only needed 7 :(

And when you start the actual game you gotta go in binaries and hit the exe.

here's some footage on the side note, rated 5/5

4k resolution crashes for me :/

pretty cool

i liked this one 5/5, i put it on my wishlist on steam too, some footage below 

uwu whats this, yeah i ended up "doing it" because i don't know what's good for me lol

got some spooks out of this one, good job 5/5 got some footage too

uwu whats this, yo not even joking.. if you play on a 4k monitor, the game is really small on the screen, other than that i get the gist of the game, rated 5/5.. here's some footage

I tried it, it's real tough.. but i'm sure someone else can finish this one.

It a very simple concept, collect items and avoid a enemy doing it but hell that was pretty fun to play i have to admit, rated it 5/5 here's some footage in you're interested in watching..

Spooked but not totally spooked.. okay maybe spooked all the way, i actually liked this one, rated 5/5 yo, heres some footage

I seen this build before, but i had to give it a go nonetheless, hope to see more development though rated 5/5.

uwu what's this? It was okay..

i just wished at the end you wouldn't be able to take hits, other than that it was okay. 5/5 stars

I like how smooth it was, the enemies could be a tad bit faster though, charactor design was pretty funny lol, generally the running, camera was smooth, rated 5/5 here's a video.

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the game was very cool, i'll show some footage later on today.. 5/5 the game was really smooth, i love agent k's commentary XD

here's the video 24 hours later lol

I actually enjoyed this one, played pretty well too, except for few things i can think of, the car cannot get back on road at certain areas, when you're going up stairs it hurts the eyes, maybe add a camera smoothness, near the end i couldn't kill enemies at all (glitch/bug).. but like i said i enjoyed this one, definitely 5/5 from me. footage if ya want to check out.

The game for me was really smooth, when you had to run it looked kind of funny (running animation).. other than that, i liked the concept, its really simple but leaves you with multiple ways of getting out, I watched Naughty Nelly play on youtube and he said i should check it out, anyway this is how it went for me. 5/5

i'll definitely be playing more, i only tried the two handed weapon and the one handed axe, on the hardest difficulty and easiest.. but the magic i haven't even tried yet.. hope to see the game developed more, gave it 5/5 nontheless

The game is okay, wish the combat was done better though... half my hits weren't registering.. 

it states the game is soon to be on steam too, people that bought this game will be getting a steam key by any chance? :D

eh... here's the footage, i may play some more

most developers just put the files in a single winrar zip but not all i suppose.

I guess if people like rp'ing, they would like this game, this game wasn't bad at all for a developer's first attempt with unity. good job 5/5, i got some footage for this game

it didn't work for me, i wanted to show support by playing.. but something ain't right in texas boys