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just wanted to point out 69 5 stars rating. hell yeah

its so good, made in unreal engine too..i had to check this one out 5/5

its a walking simulator >:(

i actually feel hype about this one, it really jumpscared me.. yeah i see 2 or 3 of those weird backroom videos didn't think to much of them... but then you come out with a backrooms game.. lol 5/5

this 🤣

"Due to engine issues, the game crashes upon death. Remember to save regularly." maybe i should've read that part before stopping lol.. i do like this game - but who builds a school where a cemetary was before though lol

im stuck at the main menu in 4k resolution, can't see my cursor.. oh well.

3 in the morning and i got jump scared by something lurking behind me 🤣

i did like the atmosphere to this one. good stuff

i'm a sucker for unreal engine indie horror games, "" dead give away, not to mention i think games need more voice acting and this one was pretty funny but cool.... some gameplay below.

I think you guys definitely have the skill to come out with a actual horror game that lot's of people would play, possibly with friends 😆.. this was really done well at least I think so, 5/5 from me.

I don't know about what was causing the frames per second to be heavily dropped but i was getting like 23-24fps in 1080p.. i did like the trees in this one though, after collecting enough courage i must have did something wrong? pretty decent game though!

you know for the game size it was actually pretty good, i liked the jumpscares. gj

The mouse sensitivity was really high, you could do a 1080 with a single mouse movement lol, but it was okay.. i noticed sometimes shooting the girls they dissappeared, i got attacked and went through a wall lol.. eh seemed okay.

You don't mind if i take this and mess around with it (audio software) do you? good playing by the way.

the ai for santa is sort of fickidy but still was pretty good

Never tried a voice controlled indie game yet so i gave it a go, but having to say the same thing 20 times in a row is too much 🤣🤣🤣 but cool idea nonetheless 5/5

Exactly what the game description says, "An 8 pages horror game".. I didn't realize there was a flashlight function on this one either.. lol, but yeah this was decent.

perhaps, some flickering lights, or stationary lighting at areas.. or even when you start have a "press key for flashlight"..

yeah i don't know why it wasn't working earlier, it is now.

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This one looks really good, the download link seems to be broken though

but yeah few things, the controls "A-D" is a bit too sensitive. When you get attacked, maybe add a monster sound effect, slashing sound, or player getting hurt effect. Perhaps add a forest atmosphere sounds, wind slightly blowing, maybe animal sounds like owls, flapping wings.. just to bring out more immersion to this game. I did like the effort you put in this though! 5/5

yeah i have to admit it was really cool, just like what it says "dead by daylight but playstation 1 style" i can see this game possibly blowing up but i understand its for a game jam though, but even then just putting some more time into it, the game might lol

i got a video too for this too, processing at the moment.

on the street map, there is a paper you can't collect

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i repaired the last gen, and went to the hatch like it told me and interacted with it and nothing happened, i looked all over for a possible key and there was none, i think the game is bugged or broken.

I swear the sheds do move or something lol but pretty spooky game.. 5/5

i got this error trying to launch, game looks cool though

i had trouble finding the last gas container... i circled the map and saw nothing... pretty game though

Kind of a sucker for games made in Unreal Engine, went in blindly, yeah there were puzzles and some scares, the only thing I didn't like is how the guy takes like 5-8 running steps and he's out of breath lol, the game was actually quite beautiful, the full release should be very interesting! 5/5

for a 2d side scroller, i kind of feel like this is a 'elder scrolls rpg' type of game, the animations were smooth and i only touched the surface of the story or whatever was going to happen.. it was pretty good 5/5

got some footage if you want to watch.

it was pretty good - usually look at the unreal engine games (which is a plus), i just wished there was some sort of ambient sounds/music playing in the background, anyway the controls were good! 5/5

you definitely know what you're doing, unreal engine is no joke.. i like the crawling animation, too cute... why does he have only one ear? lol

very cute

is it suppose to mess up your audio? i got killed i guess and the game closed it self then now i only hear on my right audio lol

yeah i did, and oh boy im glad i did, people are gonna get scared! lol

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Once you get past first portion of the game, things do pick up, when I mean by that is that.. things get scary, definitely 5/5 from me!

it was okay, i like the transition when you open the red door and fall, the last portion was kind of weird how the room kind of flips or something lol

eh some footage.

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i managed to get 2 of the endings, the last two is still mystery, i don't know if it's a bug or not but you can somewhat move faster going diagonal, when you end up spoilers

killing 3 of the killers you pick up one key and it says you collect them all.. anyway some quick footage lol i also see the mouse sensivity is better

it really is short but you definitely got me with that one lol

certain objects/areas when you use your flashlight wouldn't be affected by it, plus i fell off the map.. but it ran pretty smooth which was good, and yeah i did get a spook out of this one.. got me good. 5/5

you should definitely call this "Son of Devil Dagger - The Reckoning"..

jk but yeah this was pretty good, i can see why it was rated 100% gj! 5/5