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it was okay, didn't see no bugs

the only thing that bothered me is when (spoiler) the part where the dog is barking, it was really loud, i had to turn the game volume down. pretty good indie  game.

pretty good

can i pay with my card rather paypal?

it was pretty good i don't know what else to say.. oh yeah the camera was really fast.

got to 15 mushrooms and then the last one did not register

if you like gachi, you have to play this one game

its  been couple days. quite a bit to think about.. maybe consider changing the "put the dishes away" to "put the dishes in the cupboard".. and then "put the remaining dishes in the sink".. but cool to see many people play this XD

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game stops loading around 75 percent damn shame, maybe be better as a standalone zip file

nevermind it works

the mouse is really sensitive, move it a lil and you do a 540

it was running just fine for me, except for one of the lockers, you go in and cannot exit it XD maybe someone else can finish this one.. pretty impressive to be created in 72 hours! have a happy new years!

bro this game is just dope i loved it, got some footy if anyone wants to watch 5/5

got this game about a year ago in a bundle and just played earlier, it was okay surprisingly.. 5/5

it was pretty good, i could have finished it sooner but i'm not the smartest gamer lol not bad for your second game! 5/5


a photo from a distance would have been just fine but okay. 👀

i think it's spelled Laboratory, but maybe its the name of the residency in that forest.. eh short game. 

When you have the present and try to deliver the present to the Christmas tree, nothing happens.. some controls on the page would help others i hope.. i like the flying part though.

i like trying out unreal engine games, and this one was pretty good, my fps was kind bad at areas but this alpha build seem pretty good. got some footage of this if you want to watch 16 minutes in. 5/5

seemed to run just fine in the standalone, a little salty about dying at 8/8 pages but good game nonetheless 5/5

i thought it was pretty good but seemed kind of janky, the fps was fluctuating at certain parts, but as usually i tend to somehow break games in my playthroughs.. anyway happy halloween, 5/5 here's some footage

just wanted to point out 69 5 stars rating. hell yeah

its so good, made in unreal engine too..i had to check this one out 5/5

its a walking simulator >:(

i actually feel hype about this one, it really jumpscared me.. yeah i see 2 or 3 of those weird backroom videos didn't think to much of them... but then you come out with a backrooms game.. lol 5/5

this 🤣

im stuck at the main menu in 4k resolution, can't see my cursor.. oh well.

3 in the morning and i got jump scared by something lurking behind me 🤣

i did like the atmosphere to this one. good stuff

i'm a sucker for unreal engine indie horror games, "" dead give away, not to mention i think games need more voice acting and this one was pretty funny but cool.... some gameplay below.

I think you guys definitely have the skill to come out with a actual horror game that lot's of people would play, possibly with friends 😆.. this was really done well at least I think so, 5/5 from me.

I don't know about what was causing the frames per second to be heavily dropped but i was getting like 23-24fps in 1080p.. i did like the trees in this one though, after collecting enough courage i must have did something wrong? pretty decent game though!

you know for the game size it was actually pretty good, i liked the jumpscares. gj

The mouse sensitivity was really high, you could do a 1080 with a single mouse movement lol, but it was okay.. i noticed sometimes shooting the girls they dissappeared, i got attacked and went through a wall lol.. eh seemed okay.

You don't mind if i take this and mess around with it (audio software) do you? good playing by the way.

the ai for santa is sort of fickidy but still was pretty good

Never tried a voice controlled indie game yet so i gave it a go, but having to say the same thing 20 times in a row is too much 🤣🤣🤣 but cool idea nonetheless 5/5

Exactly what the game description says, "An 8 pages horror game".. I didn't realize there was a flashlight function on this one either.. lol, but yeah this was decent.

perhaps, some flickering lights, or stationary lighting at areas.. or even when you start have a "press key for flashlight"..

yeah i don't know why it wasn't working earlier, it is now.

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This one looks really good, the download link seems to be broken though

but yeah few things, the controls "A-D" is a bit too sensitive. When you get attacked, maybe add a monster sound effect, slashing sound, or player getting hurt effect. Perhaps add a forest atmosphere sounds, wind slightly blowing, maybe animal sounds like owls, flapping wings.. just to bring out more immersion to this game. I did like the effort you put in this though! 5/5