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love this demo!!!! havent 100%ed it yet but i am having such a good time with it. gonna leave some feedback based on my first playthrough (where i got to both towers).

1) originality!! i looooved all the different abilities you had, they felt so unique from any zelda-like/metroidvania i've played while still being easy to pick up.

2) music! i liked how seamlessly the transitions were between areas and the use of different sound fonts

3) differentiating areas using colour and sound was very cool, i like that concept a lot.

4) challenging enough to keep me playing for way longer than i anticipated, plus left me excited about all the other stuff i could explore. ik ppl have been saying that the pink circle boss was really tricky but i found it to be a great level of difficulty. currently stuck on the boss in the well :P

1) diagonal rolls, or maybe being able to cancel a roll early. the rolling mechanic was fun but it felt too limiting at times

2) adding a way to give u a boost on the skateboard without getting off and on it again. maybe there's a mechanic for that but if so i've not been able to figure it out

3) more of a robust map, with markers and clearer visuals as to where you are. which ik will come with time so i'm not super fussed about it rn lol

4) more people, or at least more dialogue options. still havent unlocked all the cassettes but id like it if the old dog in the pink town when u first meet had more things to say.

overall, really loved this demo :) super fun and rewarding! would recommend

saw this on the suburban review and loved it so much!! what an absolute hell we live in :)

i havent finished the game yet, but i just booted it up after skimming through the racial equality bundle and DAMN!!! this game scratches an itch for 2d platformers/rpgs that ive had since playing super paper mario when i was like 7. the music is banging, the art is gorgeous, the dialogue is hilarious, and the combat system is surprisingly intuitive! im obsessed with so many npcs and their designs. truly, this is a gift of a game - cannot recommend it enough :)

this game is GORGEOUS agh!! i love the ambience and the story, it was so cute :')

heyyy i made a zine w EZM! heres the link if ur wanting to add it to the collection :3

what a cool dang game!!! the second i saw the return of the title screen i went "YOOOOOOOO :D"! i love your poetry, this was so pleasant :')

i always love the stories you tell with these games!! i won't spoil anything, only that this feels like the video game equivalent of a 500-word short story that you finish in a few minutes and that sticks with you for ages. kudos!

a short, fascinating twine game that i really enjoyed puzzling over! you might need to zoom out on your browser to see the options, because you can't scroll down, but overall an enjoyable and haunting experience :3

just came from playing the demo, good luck! had a ton of fun playing it, and i love the inspiration from an untitled story! keep it up!!

this was so lovely! the rng added a wonderful layer to this story, and the magic system was truly excellent. the writing was also very engaging - can't wait to replay this and see what other endings i get! :)

i havent yet investigated the rpg but i just wanted to say that i ADORED the zine!!! it's one of the most creative and engaging fantasy worlds that i have ever read about, and the voices of the characters were so distinct and memorable. i wish i could have been friends with chill. she seems cool

this game changed what ttrpgs are to me. i got a chance to take my time over the journal i was crafting, to give my character (to give ME) a sense of history and bleak humour and biased preferences for some philosophers over others. i started strong, suffered greatly, and got close but far too far from victory. now im obsessed with this system and with playing this game again!!!! curse you and thank you for making such an incredible game - i may be unlikely to be remembered, but for me, at least, this game will live on <3