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hello,  your work is good, you have not thought about making a desert package

Hello, I'm looking for people who want to try my game to know their opinion and to improve my project.

40 min of game.

IT WAS JUST THAT THANK YOU Your work is great

hi ,What happens is that the plugin instructions do not specify with what values I should replace the word reveal, for example in $fogSystem.coverDiamond(x,y,range,reveal) I understand that x and y are the coordinates of the event but I did not know what values I should replace the word reveal. later I realized that I could put 1 or 0

cover or reveal can be 1 for cover and 0 for reveal?

thanks for the report i will upload a .zip file

very fun the level design was good too. I had fun

Thanks for playing it, I'm glad you liked it, I'll be uploading updates.

it doesn't tell me which are the buttons to shoot and jump apart it doesn't jump well in the first phase.

please i need the tiles

the music is great!!

muy entretenido , y tiene un buen diseño de pixelart

Thanks you :)

I don't know if it's a bug, but the moment the angels of death appear the game closes.

Si, con el rpg maker mv que es un buen motor si uno sabe usar el JavaScritp se le puede mejorar muchas cosas.

Juego para aprender inglés al mas puro estilo RPG.

Juego para aprender algo de inglés básico al mas estilo puro RPG.