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This looks like an incredible foundation for a full game; I love the graphics, the sound design, the look of the map, etc

I like it! It's a creative concept with very fluid and defined physics, textures, and animations

Pretty cool little game

Decent gameplay, it's pretty good for a really simple game

The visuals are really simplistically neat, I might use it for inspiration if I make a 3D game :D

The music is also simplistically charming

I really love the visuals and sound design in this game

I think it's pretty decent; the sound design could use work (there's a constant static beeping noise), and the obstacles only load when you're close to them. I don't play many racing games, but I find the driving pretty wonky as well. I do really love the map design and the overall visual design; it's very clear and it makes me feel like I'm in a 2000s game again :D

Yo the visuals in this game are really good

The visuals and sound design are amazing in this game. I don't get the HP system but it's a pretty fun game

Pretty cool little game; I like the visuals and the addition of a leaderboard

Lol i love this cute little game

What programming language did you use to make this? For not being made in Unity it's pretty impressive

A pretty interesting game, if it was more fleshed out I could imagine it being a fully-fledged game

Hey this is a pretty good start level game, I enjoyed playing it :)

I guess my only constructive criticism is to improve the level design; I didn't have to kill any enemies to finish the game

Whoa this game is amazing! The visuals, the level design, and the music make this a game of professional quality.

Decent starter game, but i feel like the green projectiles are almost impossible to avoid

I think this is a really good game :D very smooth and polished too

Pretty neat little game :D

I was about to comment on the weird wall collisions but then it became a part of the gameplay haha

Reminds me of the Dinosaur Game

This game is great :D

Hey pretty good and simple

(the game icon is.. interesting lol.. when the imposter is sus)

I kinda like this quick little platformer challenge. My only constructive criticism is that the physics can be a bit better (horizontal speed is not retained while falling)