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hello, My name is Ariel, I hate to admit that my programming skills are non-existent but if you are looking for a conceptual artist or just a visual aid for inspiration, I will be happy to help you.

I think I saw a trailer about one of your games a long time ago and downloaded the theme of the video on my cell phone, since then I always wondered if that game actually existed or I dreamed about it ... the thing is, I played this  game and I just finish it. i loved it

 it work!! I'm so happy that I'm not afraid of losing myself again, thanks (is there a way to send you a fanart someday?)

I really like this game, especially for its unique style, the only thing that bothers me is that I dont understand how to wake up, that is, I like the idea of traveling without controlling my sleep (as if it were a coma) but I always restart my game because I get lost ... or am I really stupid and can't find the command to do it?

just open a warning about the game but not the game itself :(

I would love to help you on that

some of the character designs can be better but the game at the moment its pretty good, i like when the game make me choose if i would save mi health or fight for experience. 

una experiencia agradable, pero tengo que admitir que me da miedo pensar en sentimientos virtuales, lo que vi fue amor real? que es lo que lo hizo real? 

lo jugué anoche, solo porque buscaba una forma de matar el tiempo hasta que me de sueño, el sin sentido de las cosas me recordó a los sueños de mi infancia, me encantó el juego, espero jugar la secuela algún día.