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I'm surprised there isn't a cockslap feature!

It's so fitting.

If you want more end-game focused content, maybe unlocking stuff past removal of the underwear could be toys such as dildos or buttplugs and eventually, being able to penetrate the girl as the real end-game reward for fully 100% completing the game.

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While this is interesting, I am not gambling money on something I'm unsure that works or what the context of the game is even about. I'll return when you've added more information about this game, how it works, and perhaps a demo. I simply see no reason to throw away $10 on a game in an alpha period at the moment.

This game is absolutely beautiful in more ways than one. It's an atmospheric masterpiece with a healthy mix of sexy. In all my years playing erotic games, this is by far the most interesting and has taken my heart in one quick swipe. It is one that I personally believe should be the shining example of games to support via Patreon, of which I will be doing as soon as the new month begins.

This game is lovely and a representation of a true, original H game with a decent assortment of interests.