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Holy moly, it's finally here! Been waiting for this "update" for a long time. It was kind of a sudden move to do as the discord server is completely inactive, i havent heard any news from you for a huge amount of time. I was glad when i first heard about your comeback to the game as some of us appreciated your effort you got into next-gen, as the early access (then called 'full game') was a disappointment as it had no content neither any fun elements. As i can see here, the EX-Edition got more reasonable price as you get bunch more cool stuff. That's valid as of the older EX-Edition, nothing was added rather than some stickers on the guns which were useless, and a bunch of older versions. I'm really happy EX-DRONES is back and i can't wait to try this game again (currently installing). The game size is big enough xD. I'll change my review and feedback as i left it with 1 star (after i finish my walkthrough). I'm also surprised that EX-DRONES has operators and i'm even more hooked into the lore of the game, it's an interesting part and that's what makes games perfect. Also, noting the issues is a clever move and i'll be waiting for a patch. Noneless, i'll leave my comment on any issues. 

Thank you guys :)

i wasnt ready for that one. Fun short shooter

There are no questions asked. Radio active is the album that is revolutionary towards the 90s radio. With the previous albums, Technology (good album) and 822 (mid) concepts being the tech, this one's goes straight up for the radio. Great concept, good performance. Favorite track: Had.

A great comeback for the 2023 and 822 9.1/10


After 1 year, im back here to review the game since it got the Christmas Update. The game has evolved really much. Everything has been fixed (at least for my view), i haven't encountered any issues. Lovable, enjoyable cookie game. Playing it late at night these christmas days with this sweet ost playing on the background. It seems like it's a basic cookie clicking game, and no it's not. It might not be a big title but the game is a success to me and to the devs. It's not a coincidence, the game is enjoyable, relaxing, and a classic. The GOTTY god. GOTTY Edition brings you exclusively 5 new Customizable Cookies, better/more gameplay, remixed ost, Effects and visuals and bloody more content. GOTTY EDITION IS FREE, for those who buy the game now, they will receive it with the original version, but if you already own it, just reinstall it. More details on the devlog about it.

I've checked the mobile versions too, as a first player on this game i firstly tried the mobile version (original) was messed up and buggy and everything, after some patches it was slightly being fixed but now with the christmas update it's completely new experience, the GOTTY Edition is also on mobile..kinda unstable tho, and im gonna talk about it now. The mobile version for gotty is a little unoptimized, fps frame drops i would say. Overall it's good. You'll need a nasa phone though.

Definitely i recommend this game by TSHS and Cookie Studios, it's basically a successful title from them, so why not? Try it. I'll keep coming back from time to time to check for any news.

I love this album, and love the EDM.

Absolutely Stunning

that's what we wanted. The menu seems legit good but i still have negative thoughts even tho as you said it's smooth. I hope you'll prove me wrong.. as much time as it takes. Also it's good to know that more people got envolved into the project. I pray for some huge project. Also you should take ideas from games like Battlefield 2042 ( but not the bug part xD) it would be fun to see EX-DRONES getting evolved like that.. a futuristic scifi shooting chaotic as you say, game. I pretty much like indie devs like you, seeing you evolving like that and EX-DRONES NEXT-GEN is a thing damn.  Somehow i have mixed feelings too, you've disappointed us, you've made a proud, this chart still goes like that and i dunno if its good or bad either. Just keep up the work, don't give up cuz when you give up you lose and EX-Drones will be a flop.
Happy Holidays to TSHS and Cookie Studios from me. Take a rest, work on the project, don't rush it, add lots of dlcs, gamemodes, campaigns, and action. Make EX-DRONES a game you will be proud of its title. Us? Us, will enjoy it and be proud too for you and the game. 

Thank you

Very good and decent update, fun to mess around great work

as a mobile player, this was helpful actually, thanks!

I hear you,  take your time and your skills together, dont ruin this up please

Just in time guys, the game was dead once again but its really positive to hear from you that you're gonna work on it again and let's hope this time its gonna worth and it's gonna be the EX-Drones we never got!

I'll wait and support as much as i can

Average Album

good work on the debut! Its really good

great album

ULTIMATE VIBE, cant wait to see more


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vibe epileptic and dark themed version. Not my favorite album or the best (my opinion, no negative thoughts)

vibe but debut album

real vibeeee

Beautiful, really cool man! its a quick gameplay and a preview for a great game, you have potential!

i love how you changed the fov in arena

EX-DRONES community · Created a new topic IT GOT BETTER

The game just got better, i knew it! I saw the trailer on yt and i was so excited!! The campaign is too short, but i died a lot but it's goooooood!

EX-DRONES community · Created a new topic about EX-Drones
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i bought the EX-Edition, the pack is perfect! i loved the older versions and all the dlc's its gold. The new game (full game) is meh, even tho the devs tried hard to make it look perfect, the UI is nice, the weapons are perfect and they actually made major changes. The enemies, are ofc the drones and turrets, they added new enemies! i dont know how they name them but im gonna call them soldiers for now. The soldiers are well made, they deal good damage so stay away from them!!! The animations are redicioulus and funny but the devs said that they'll keep the game updated when needed so theres nothing to worry about ALSO its not fully optimized and thats a big - , not what i excpected tho, i wanted a campaign but i hope they'll add a 30min story later on. 3.5/5

best games from these devs, dont care about EX-Drones much. these are golds in a single discounted pack get them now!



Cant wait :P

you should fix it! its really important!!!

DAMN THIS IS ONE OF THEM CLASSICS GUYS! Its really nice i love it, im playing with my brother and we are totally raging but having fun ahah! 

the sad part is that the game has 1 disturbing bug, which devs encountered and i hope they'll be fixing it <3

So i played the mobile version and heres my thoughts, the game is really nice and its a clicker game as the devs say its a normal clicking game and good kind of concept but you'll find way more cookie clicking games because its unity's commons. I spend a lot of time clicking cookies and i managed to get into 900 cookies !! i saved my progress and the saving system works fine! which is really impressive! I'll still spend time to get into 1k cookies! i've also encountered some bugs where its hard to collect some cookies but thats the game, there are traps, upgrades which are interesting because theyre actually helping you to get more cookies and even sell them! The soundtrack is chilling, just like the devs said its anti-stressful and i would also add a anti anxious :)

its totally deserve the shot:)))

Holy smokes, im so glad to see them still updating their site after so many months! Cheers devs, the new images look lit!

RIP :(

you guys are here?

you here?


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we need new updates pls

this game and the csr are god's games! YOU ARE GODS!

bruh make a second trailer for tabvi 2