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Profissional Of Rhythm Games.

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oh my fucking GOD

the downloaded version do not work and it says ''error to create opengl'',and the site version does not load either,i just wanted to play.

i watched the whole thing.

it worked!but let me say....the hitbox is so small,i cant do it so right so i just stopped.sorry but i cant rec because of this small hitbox.


it remembers me osu tho

nice,but can you do more games like this?i promise i gonna rec and post it on my youtube channel!

Made me try the maxium to play fnf!bro this game is perfect!do more games like this and i gonna defnitely play and post in my youtube channel!

So,i am using windows and when i gonna open it says that a error happened in the resolution,idk why this happens but there is the screenshot.

The game...The game doesnt work bro!

i try to play it but it do error of resolution,i was gonna rec and post on my youtube channel but well,btw it make 2 years that it is in my wishlist on steam to me see if it works,but it dont go out!

pls help me out!