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Thank you!

Very cool idea! I like how wrath comes from player frustration :D 

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Nice idea. Little bit faster reloading time would make game flow nicer. 

Woah, this was BEAUTIFUL! Visuals, controls and that awesome piano music worked very well together. I want whole game from this. Just exploring the world and enjoying the music.  Great work! 

Nice! I think the best part was wall rolling mechanic; you should play more with that on levels. 

Very polished! Liked especially level design.

Didn't understand the game until I watched banner animation. Maybe first level could hint that you need to reach blue things? The mechanic itself was great! I like the idea that you need to "shoot" to jump. Nice learning curve also. Didn't like the shit-joking though. 

This is just beautiful! Loved how the basic mechanic is so simple that you understand it instantly. This would work also great on mobile. 

I enjoyed this :D Ending is pretty intense; Trying to reach the last pizza avoiding carrots same time, sight blurs and elvis is jamming on the background. Love it!