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Thank you!

I would love to see an additional story with MC and Amicus...

Thank you!

Hello, I've been enjoying your game greatly. I have one possible bug to report. The Cock Ring and Butt Plug set for Spiked doesn't give me the bonus. I get the bonus for the Padlock set (the previous, weaker set) and as a result, the Padlock set is slightly better than the Spiked set. UNLESS, the weapon is also part of the set, in which case I think the explanation should include that.

I think it's the 3rd room with the cow.

Same haha

Worked for me too. Did you save the new over the old or something? Make sure you put the new build on a separate folder and put the Save folder in the same spot as the old build

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I have all the correct choices memorized. That's how much I screwed up the choices as I went. LOL

I had fun, and it absolutely is not the worst dating sim. In fact, as I went through the choices I laughed at the reasons why the others were wrong and what happened last time I picked it. It was an enjoyable playthrough for me.

Dai, I just finished the demo and I have to say that I loved it. Great writing, I had a lot of fun with the story and characters.

Love the style of the game, the combat, and especially the MUSIC!!!

I skimmed through the story and other features and didn't find anything missing. New section is great.

Sorry about the hard drive man!

I saw somewhere you said that English is not your first language? If that is correct, I want to tell you that I'm impressed with the writing in this game. I had so much fun getting to know every character and pushing their buttons for some great dialogue.

Hello, I'm stuck like you were. I still don't understand how you fixed it. I have her quest, then went back to study but there isn't anything new there and I do not have the STRONG Restrain recipe. I only have the Regular recipe and I have made plenty of them.

Thank you for your work!

Hello. I just bought your game today and I wanted to stop by and thank you for your work on it. I also have some criticism if that's okay...

... Can you balance the combat a bit? I know you're working on a lot, but I think it's important. The combat is too random. In some fights, I completely obliterate the enemy, and in some, I get decimated; and those two results can happen for the exact same fight (same enemy). This happens because in some turns, the enemy will use a move that Silences all my characters (skips their turn) and there will be 3 enemies that can do this, so I get damaged down and multiple characters will die in one turn. After that it's over. As a result, I feel like I have very little control over battle results and there is not much strategy involved in the combat.

There are a couple of bugs:
1- If 2 silences get stacked on the entire party, the game gets stuck skipping their turns over and over.
2- Saving before going into the "Beer Mug Menu" (where I can go to dungeons, chat with characters, and check stats and quests) sometimes if I load back into the last save, it will actually go to the checkpoint as if my save was ignored/corrupted/deleted. Sometimes if I get a game over and go to load this happens as well. This never happens if I save, make a dialogue choice, then load back, so no problems there.

I love the storylines with each character. Great writing.