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Hello, thanks for posting! 

haha, that's is a nice way to bypass their analisis, but app would eventually be taken down if people started reporting. Unfortunately, I'm afraid of the furry hate and we'd probably get banned from the store really fast :( 

It's in the google terms that games where clothes are removed are specifically not permited. Funny enough, those games where you can play dress up with character are not banned from the store. Also, we can find a lot of games with more explicit content that end up being allowed. 

It was PAINFULLY long to have the game allowed in steam, the vanilla version got reject more than 5 times. There are steam games on vanilla version ridiculously sexually explicit and they're accepted. It's hard being a solo/small team developer team :( 

We'll see what future awaits... I'm planning a furry contest on facebook to pick a few more characters to add to the game! 

Hi, thanks for reaching out!

I sure should have done that already. I'll make the APK available here as soon as I get some spare time! I never thought there would be people interested in the APK through here, but it sure doesn't hurt to make it available as an option. 

Thanks for the idea! 

Hi, thanks for asking!

We have it on android, but we can't have nudes on the playstore :( 

We didn't have anywhere to place a NSFW version on android yet, maybe someday.

If you mean the complete game for free, well we might add more character in the future, when that happens we will unlock more free stages on the android version.

Oh yes... the website has no difficulty setting, just the full version has them D:

Hi hi!

There is a free trial for people to play some stages, but the complete game is not free :( 

AAaah! lol!

It might be a little hard until you get the hang of it.

Try lowering the difficulty setting! Might help a lot xD


What do you mean? Is the game not running on your machine? 

Hello! Unfortunately, no. They're the same version and have the same number of stages and features. Steam version has steam achievements integrated, but apart from that, everything is the same. 

Be safe!

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It seems you just have to open the terminal in the same folder of that you unziped the files and type that command line in my comment:

chmod a+x*

I'll hope that no ones gets it before you, but here is a free steam key: 


Thanks for your patience :D 

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It seems to be a problem with building the game on a Windows for a Mac! On the mac's end we need to set the app as excecutable:

First reach at same folder at which your mac build exist. Then within terminal program execute this link of code:

 chmod a+x*

I'm sorry, I had no idea about this, or I'd have stated it here, nobody has ever complained! I'll ask for a friend with a mac to set the file as excecutable so this step won't be necessary anymore. 


Hi, thanks for reaching out!

Did you find any reasons for this to be happening? I down own a Mac, I always ask a friend to playtest it for me before releasing a new version, so I'm not sure what might be happening. I'm taking a look at it! 

Sorry for the problem :( 

Hi, good morning!

The game files are all inside .rar files and need to be extracted, could your system maybe not have WinRAR or WinZip?

If thats not the case I'm unfortunately not sure as to why it's being downloaded as a music file for you :( 

Thanks for reaching us!!

Hello, happy Holidays! 

Yes, It should be playable with only keyboard or only mouse. Both works! 


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Very sorry for the late reply! 

I'm afraid not, I had a NSFW android version ready for Nutaku, but they got us reproved. I only managed to place the standalone version there. 

Up to this point there is nowhere to get the NSFW android version :( 

Thank you for reaching out! 

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I'm so so sorry, I didn't get this notification!!

It's on Android, but playstore only offers a SFW possibility :(

Thank you for you interest!! 

Thank you! I'd rather people to be happy that they paid less than they feel the game's worth than the contrary. I'm really happy you enjoyed your experience. Rather than donating, if you could spread the word about the game that would be more than welcome. Big thanks, and we hope to meet your expectations!  

Great news, that's even better! I'm the one who should be thanking you, or else I'd never know about these problems :D 

That makes sense. The 4k resolution would probably fit the maximum character's resolution possible. I will fix Richard's overlap score, thank you!  

Just made a urgent rebuild to fix the achievements. The zoom and overlap targets, I'm waiting on your answers, because I couldn't find the issues on my end. A review of the texts is already in progress and will be up as soon as it's ready ^^ 

If the problem is that the character gets to big for the screen, you can move him/her holding you mouse button or with the right analog stick from a xbox 360 controller! 

The achievements issue came from a Steam script not being removed for the version. 

Could you by any chance remember which stage the target scores overlap? 

And about the zoom... I've tested it and found no problems on the windows.exe. Could you give me a little more info on your end? You're moving the zoom slider and nothing happens or Does it glitch somehow? 


Hello! Thanks for playing and your kind words. 

But oh my! Those problems shouldn't be there. The last 3 ones are specially worrysome. I will fix them right away!  

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<Someone has tested the Linux version and checked that it's fully functional and without problems. If you find any problems in the Linux version let us know!>

Our LINUX VERSION is untested! 

I wanted to set it for free for a few weeks before people could purchase it to test it out, but it turns out I can't (or don't know how to do it) if there are other files with a specific price. 

If anyone could report any issues with the Linux version we would greatly appreciate it! 

Thank you for reading! 

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<The new male character have been added! We're now trying to set up a new game mode!>

Hey, just wanted to let anyone that is (rightfully) complaining that the game is too short, we agree! We for now have 15 unique stages and more 10 futa variants from the females. Total 25 stages. 

We're adding more 5 male stages with new characters, they might be ready by 12/05, and you won't have to pay any extras. Just download the free expansion x3 

We have intentions to keep adding characters as we get revenue from the project. 

Thanks for trying our game out and we'd love to hear from you. 

I think that as long as the developer has at least the right to reply back or report such cases, it shouldn't be a problem. Or something to disencourage someone to just go on a mass spree of 1 star reviewing soccer games just because he doesn't like soccer.

Well, anarchy is fine too, playstore is like this. I just wanted to know if that was really possible and if there was really no way to appeal against such cases.

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Seems like my question is answered. The answer is: "Yes, you can". You just have to agree with it to post your game here, like the playstore.  Still feels bitter not being abble to answer a review even when people bash you just by looking at your game's screenshots, because they feel like (just like the playstore).  

If the game is paid and downladable only and you don't own it it's a sure thing you didn't play, for example.
Steam and IOS don't let people rate games they don't own. 

I'm not worried about the rating in itself, but with this breach. I've seen rating on other people's games so I do think it's taken in consideration somehow and letting people rate games they didn't buy or played is a huge exploit for idiots like this one.  

The guy's account is legit, he has lots of other comments.

I just set up a paid game and I still have 0 sales, but someone left me a 1 star rating with this message without even playing the game:

"Don't know how to make a game? Want to do something that everyone's done before? Make it a knock-off candy crush game! Generic, basic game with nothing to offer what so ever. It's got the model of a free game, but the cost of a mobile app."

The game is a novel like tetris attack, also furry related. The only ressemblance to candy crush is that it's a puzzle, this person without playing, would obviously not know, but felt like he should say something not only about the game, but also about my team. 

Anyway, you can leave ratings without playing a game? Like, you're in the mood to being a dick and there is no consequences?  I can't even reply his rating?