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Areku Ch.

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Thank you for the game its really good! i really enjoyed it! 

Thanks for the game! :) i enjoyed it!

Oh i was wondering what happened? and why you got a take down request?

Thanks for the spooky game i really enjoyed it! keep it up! 

ey! were back at it again :) the game is pretty subtle it got me on my toes thinking about things would pop out in every corner so im pretty alert :D but yea the game is really good! thank you! hope to see more tho :D 

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i had fun playing the game :D but yea have a similar problem like anyone in the comments :D so im sure your fixing it someday :) so thank you for the game! hope to see more! 

edit: i played the game before it was updated so its cool to hear the mouse sensitivity is fixed! thanks @ardk ! for letting me know :) 

the very cute and strange game :) 

what i think is that the dog made me jump on a different dimension lol

its a pretty interesting game ~ really spooked me a couple of times :) so really recommend :) 

I really enjoyed the game! the story so far was wholesome but even tho i was expecting something dark.. i didn't know it turned up like this t-t 

hello its me again :) 

it seems when i reached to the part on where i used the key to unlock a tool box it just gone dark except for the access of my inventory.. so what happened? is it a bug?

The game was really fun to play! good job lixian for making such a scary/fun horror game :D 

Thank you ^ // ^

oh nice ~ try it out :D it good game ^ - ^ 

ayo! man small world :D www

The game is really interesting ~ 

i wanna know what comes next! if this game is fully release i wanna play the full! 

a really cute game! 

Where is mom when you need her?

How do i feed the cat!? t-t 

This game was really cute ~ i enjoyed every moment of it! 

That game that got me spooked ~ 

wanna sprite?

Very nice game ~ 

Sheep ~ 

Will we ever get home?

This game was really creepy ~ 

This creepy guy been harassing my friend!? aa

Thanks for the game! it really made my friend smile ~ 

Really love da bebe

Nothing like a good ol night shift ~ 

Imagine being alone ~ 

nfts! nfts for everyone!

Thanks for the game! 

always makes sure its closed ww

This game is really well made ~ i wanna see more of it..

The experience was really good ~ 

This game is really creative i really love the twists ~ 

Really love this creepy games whenever you are working late at night somewhere ww

Thanks for the game it was really good! love to play it more when its done!