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Areku Ch.

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Thank you ^ // ^

oh nice ~ try it out :D it good game ^ - ^ 

ayo! man small world :D www

The game is really interesting ~ 

i wanna know what comes next! if this game is fully release i wanna play the full! 

a really cute game! 

Where is mom when you need her?

How do i feed the cat!? t-t 

This game was really cute ~ i enjoyed every moment of it! 

That game that got me spooked ~ 

wanna sprite?

Very nice game ~ 

Sheep ~ 

Will we ever get home?

This game was really creepy ~ 

This creepy guy been harassing my friend!? aa

Thanks for the game! it really made my friend smile ~ 

Happens in westgrove stays in westgrove

Really love da bebe

Nothing like a good ol night shift ~ 

Imagine being alone ~ 

nfts! nfts for everyone!

Mhmm where are we heading actually?

Thanks for the game! 

always makes sure its closed ww

This game is really well made ~ i wanna see more of it..

The experience was really good ~ 

This game is really creative i really love the twists ~ 

Really love this creepy games whenever you are working late at night somewhere ww

Thanks for the game it was really good! love to play it more when its done! 

gives me that silent hill vibes ~ really nice! 

The game is really deep ~ i really love it :) 

thanks dev! 

What's in the cabin? 

What's hiding in the stalls?

Always wanted to date my anime waifu ~ 

Tried this game ~ very nice! 

keep it up alright! 

Creepy Statues... yes its my biggest fear!

What is real?

The game is really interesting ~ man i feel bad for granny she was so nice ~ 

The game was really interesting ~ 

Game is nice and short ~ wish to see more tho ~ but good job!