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I really enjoyed the game! hope to see the complete release someday! 

and i really hope the ending would be an amazing twists..

Really great game! can't wait to see it released! 

Played the game! hope you guys like it :) 

and seriously i enjoyed it very much :D 

Played the game! 

and really im not a pro on youtube but i did my best to enjoy! 

aww its alright! but really if there is more i would be happy to play it :D 

Thanks for the game! 

hope to see the full release! 

its alright :) besides i had a lot fun playing the game! left me speechless. 

Thanks for the game! 

im not really a good story teller :) 

I enjoyed playing the game so far! :) 

glad i finished it and im sure ther is more to it :D 

i had a blast! 

but im pretty sure i didn't do all the endings..

Hi thanks for the game! it was fun and im gonna spam the hell out of it :D 

hopefully i can unlock new characters myself lol