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Get to da choppa!!!

The draft itself looks almost good enough to put in a game. It only lacks color :P

I just love the fact you always animate the door. This adds a layer of immersion to the game. Do you also plan to animate the hanging clothes?

Now the players will never get lost again!

I hope you get well soon :)

We need hospital and vaccination center to be on theme now :P But first get well!

Iceeee creeeams!

I like that those ground floors could later even fit for suburbs houses.

Happy birthday and have fun!

Rounded corners. Looks so... modern!

That's a lot of fish.

When we're back to buildings it would be nice to have animated AC conditioner outside unit, which we could place on the building walls :D

I have been vacationing for 2 weeks and here everything got expanded so much. Good job!

I see trees of green, Red roses too. I see them bloom, For me and you. And I think to myself, What a wonderful world!

Yeah... This gives me flashbacks of all those pokemon trainers on water routes.

Or for something much more ominous. 

(1 edit)

He is back! And it seems like he brings inspiration from the vacation :P

Have a nice rest :)

Love the backpack :) 

Now what is needed is scouts outfit. 

Oh, an easy way to connect the city with nature resources :D

And the next bus stop is... Well, we'll know tomorrow XD

I'll bet it'll come out amazing :)

Once we get schools/kindergardens I'm putting those swings and sandboxed next to them :D 

Indeed modern, with all those solar panels!

Meanwhile someone at the far, far away galaxy somewhere screams "Noooooo! I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere."

But I like it. Reminds me of my childhood :D

It looks so cozy! I like it!

Next time on modern exterios - actual bus to use with your bus stop! XD

Yep, no mall would be complete without obligatory sale stickers plastered all over. Btw, modern exteriors are 50 percent off! Sale! Clearance!

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us 😉

Market, one of the things I was waiting for ;) I hope to see a building for each theme there was for the interiors at some point ;)

Animations are back, yay!

And with the broken building... it's time to make slums, lol.

I forgot to like previous updates! Gotta fix it now XD

Very nice, makes for a great effect.

Amazing to see you back. I guess I should go and stretch for a bit :x

Amazing to hear! There's at least some good news in this world :) 

Please rest and recover, be in contact with doctors and do what they tell you to do :)

Listen to everyone and don't worry, recover slowly at your own time. The switch to tablet and vertical mouse should hopefully help preserve your golden hands ;)

Yeah, it seems to be missing... or is very well hidden :D

I'm really happy to see character generator add-on :D I really hoped we would get worker helmet :)

Everywhere I live the building works seem to go after me. Recently I've seen some constructions make big sheets that cover the building while it's being worked on. something like this

Would be very nice thing to have to place as placeholders for buildings to come, or even to have some building under construction at the start of the game and then be finished later on.