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Some Clown

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This is a really good game, boy that twist at the end got me. Im wondering if this guy is in some sort of infinite loop thing.

This is an awesome game, That first part with the monster dashing through the woods scared me lol

A pretty fun game, although I couldnt get to the ending because I couldn't find the last key or figure out what to do if there isnt a last key.

This was a pretty fun experience but when asking one of the guys about where some person is (forgot who) its misspelled chuch lol. Doesn't ruin the experience or anything though. All in all a cool game im probably gonna show to a few friends

this was a fun little game

I dont get sad during something thats supposed to be sad but of course a pixel game about a kid losing her cat makes me tear up a bit

It seems like a good game but I had to keep reloading because id get stuck inside the boxes When you go to the left after leaving the elevator. Either my laptop messed up or something because I couldn't move around or anything after loading into the beginning part,I could only look around.