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oh my god my whole week's been a mess and this just totally will uplift me- I CAN'T WAAAIT!!!!!

GOOD EVENING i was just checking my lists and then i saw that there's a rEMASTER OF THE GAME BY OCTOBER?? CANT WAIT!!!!

Take your time! Good quality work really does take long periods. Anyhow, I can't wait for it to come! Good luck with it <33

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i just finished the whole demo a few hours ago (only writing now since i fell asleep just after playing it) anyhow, i liked it so much since the plot and the characters were so established - given that this was only a demo. despite that, it still gave us a good amount of content that could further pique the players interest - knowing mc's reasons to why they have to do this. 

not all demos really give you a good gist of the story and only teases the actual beginning of it, but seeing one of these makes me happy as it's just amazing :D

i also really liked the way indonesia's language was integrated as it was based from that place - as someone from a neighboring country, i really wanna see more as

anyways here are some funny stuff from the game which i absolutely wheezed at during 3am:

kahlil: why won't we hold hands and jump right in!! :D
guntur: yea and sing fuckin' humbaya while we're at it. 

i finished the demo and oh my god the lore is amazing!! i love the character interaction esp the one with the doctor!! i'd like to dive more into what these "therapy sessions" were since im pretty sure isahai must've gotten some information and conclusions. 

anyways, i'm not very sure if this game is still under develop - however, i'd love to play it once it is fully released!! (i'd probably like to avoid all romance routes as well q-q)

u r indeed a very cool dev that deserves happiness :D rooting for your other projects and works!! :D

oh my god reading this from a (very cool) dev and artist just makes me so happy :D

home ending is <33 played some of the other endings and oh my god theyre horrific

this game is already so good for a demo!! i genuinely can't wait for the full game!!

played this game a long time ago and i just wanna say this game is super cute :(( 

oh my god,,, you guys did a great job at this!! so i'll def. check up and play the possible sequel (?) i can't wait to hear more from your wonderful team!! <33

finished the game! it was quite difficult obtaining all the endings but it's amazing nonetheless. i genuinely liked the solo ending with the epilogue of the two brothers! great game <3

love this game! got the true ending and some of the bad endings.

!some spoilers ahead!

 i still genuinely think that felix somewhat liked nick since he was being possessive and all that. i loved nick's story and i do hope that he'll soon be happy and be able to move on after what happened. i just do hold on to that alternate universe where all five of them are friends and alive (LMAO)

anyhow kudos to the devs and everyone who worked on this! i hope more amazing games like these would be made!!

aaaaa i can't wait to see more cool games like these from you!!! admittedly, i'd like to give some form of help if ever i could!!

brooo this is so cool!! it's really reminding me of some stupid gossip back at school and just chilling while waiting for the rain to get away. anyhow, you did great as always :D love your games man :D



the puzzles (esp the deleting files one) are a concept that i havent experienced with playing these type of mystery games. anyhow, it's such a great game :D

i explored all endings and the bad ones are very much devastating (this is a compliment i swear it's just so sad-) the happy ones accompanied with good cgs are great as well. i hope this game has like a sequel that focuses on vivi or marie <33 nonetheless, one of my fave games now :D

im so glad i was able to play a visual novel this good. dude the quality of the art, music, and the plot are just amazing. i've played all the endings and it's quite . . .  bittersweet - but that doesn't hinder me from keeping this as one of the games i'll have in store somewhere in my heart :D

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the first ph-based game that i've ever played and it's niceee :D sana mas magkaroon pa ng mga larong ito (kung kailangan niyo ng tulong sa pagsalin ng mga salita, andito lang ako :D) <shuta di ko alam based pala to from an actual show D: >

this is too amazing omg i'm totally rooting for the development n full game of this :D the lore n the characters are too damn interesting 

this is so cute :(



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got all the achievements (took a long, frustrating time though.) the storylines and endings are great!! kudos to the devs who made this game a great success :D u guys did great :D

this is amazing :O

omg the intro (the song n visuals) were so good AAAAAA!!1 i'm still stuck w ikki's route but i'll go check the other routes out (ryu best boy btw <3)

omg i'm totally gonna check those out!! keep doing what you're doing <33

let us wait for noelle's character development (fr tho i love her character <33)

this game is so cool n cute (loved the music, characters, storyline n literally everything) prolly gonna check your other productions (or games i suppose) anyhow u guys did great :D

the story is amazing oh my god <333 great job devs :D

i've only obtained 1/3 of the endings but it's alr so nice (and sad.) and i really wanna try getting the other endings (kinda difficult if u ask me, heh) the game, plotline, character designs n literally everything was so nice :( i hope more cool games like these get more recognition!!

can't wait for that honestly but im p sure it's gonna be great :D i hope u guys continue making these awesome games :D

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one of my fave games now <//3 the true (good) ending just made me cry. great work on the game n the jumpscares n the music - everything really :D

can't wait for the full game!! the demo's alr so amazing :D

this is so cute :(

dude i love this game - the art style, the story - everything :D it was pretty short but oh my god it's such a good game :(

this is one of my fava games now - surprised that this is even free! the whole game is professionally made (esp w the server thing and the va's, that mustve took too long D:)

what's with the "???" on the epilogue,,,, is it really xyx?!

anyways nakedtoaster u are very cool <3

that song at the menu sang by the va's are amazing vv much :D i hope u guys have more games to play involving mystery shit !!