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That's probably because new music file eats all RAM in v2. It's 75MB vs 37MB. Here is another v2 WIP

Please try this version. The text is flickering a little bit and in-game cursor but press F3 to enable triple buffer to fix this. (cursor is not refreshing well in menus atm) v2_WIP It is recommended to use non expansion SCORES.MIX music file because it uses 75MB which may use all 128mb RAM of v2.

Can you tell more about gfx ram? You mean you increased it in devs:monitors/vampiregfx tooltype?

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This version should work, although it's not using vampire gfx yet so it's not very fast.

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This version should work, although it's not using vampire gfx yet so it's not very fast.

Game doesn't fully support V2 atm. It may work without sound on Gold 2.16 core.

FPU is required to play this game.

I've just compared archives and I don't see why new one wouldn't work. Works fine on my v4. Are you using executable for vampire from 31.05.2022? This one uses player.ini instead of riva.txt and defaults to FroggerNG movie plaver.

It looks like that:


;Riva display=pip fullpip pubscreen="sdl screen"

;FFPlay -quiet -gui 0 -fs -autoexit

where uncommented player is used.

You may try Riva.

I've enabled previous version to download anyway.

I had quick look and I could reproduce issue by disabling "NoGuru" patch in MCP. When I have more time I will look more into it.

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Can you run this workbench on WinUAE and see if it also crash there?

vanillatd_no_vamp version uses 8bit screen, maybe it doesn't work on your setup?


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Can't reproduce that. Fine here on V4SA+ with CoffinOS. What core do you have?

Thanks for report, I could reproduce and hope that this version works fine?

You want to load just Covert Ops without main game? You may be missing menu background images. Look into SnoopDos.

Second, just wondering how I can activate 'funpark' mode. This is built in to the expansion game, and just needs to be activated.

Not sure if the final NOD expansion mission is possible without being able to force them to fire on target, with a key press, instead of moving closer to fire.

Never tried that, might need to investigate.


"Thats ok, the PPC tag is just for these types of games which need a fast CPU"

But users may think game NEEDS PPC and tell that to others...

I've moved a stealth tank next to enemy tanks and it wasn't being shoot unlike normal light tank. Maybe it's not invisible on close range.

Yeah it works, thanks. One thing, there is no PPC version, yet.

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Here's CovertOps pack with updated exe with fixed menu and movies

Choose difficulty has black border enabled back because it was invisible in expansion.

If you press F4, Framelimit in conquer.ini will switch between 30 and 0. It is probably saved. I only use 30 on WinUAE because it's too fast.

Looks like Covert Ops expansion works too :) 

Just need to update menu screen and convert videos.

  • Download the Covert Operations disc image.
  • Extract sc-000.mix, sc-001.mix, and scores.mix (yes, overwrite) into the vanilla-conquer/ folder.
  • Extract general.mix into covertops folder.

"I've made a page for this game on the Lemon Database, which will go live in maybe a few days. :) :) "

Thanks, nice, still not online though?

This issue has been solved before.

"You need to set 2 Channels in Unit 0 in AHI Prefs for audio in players."

I think you haven't told me about Ion Cannon instant recharge bug?

Or it worked for you ?

" The audio for cut scenes worked fine on earlier builds"

Works fine here with Rive or Frogger. I've switched to Frogger since it scales video better then Riva.

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"The cut scenes are still at the top of the screen, with a black border. If you say you tried the PIP method"

There is alternative, you can use ffplay with :

"FFPlay -quiet -gui 0 -fs -autoexit"

or FroggerNG:

"FroggerNG.68k FS AUTOSTART autoexit freqdiv=1"

You need to set Channel to 2 i Unit 0 in AHI for audio in players.

"...sometimes the harvester gets stuck in the refinery and doesn't come out..."

hmm, I haven't noticed that...

"The map area leaves the green border on the screen when moving around, which eventually covers the map in green"

Yeah noticed, doesn't happen on v4. I'll see if I can fix this next week.

"I just beat the whole game"

Woohoo! game can be finished, yeah ! :)

Re-uploaded full game archive, please test.

"Riva movies/intro2.mpg display=pip fullpip"

Yeah, I have used this options.

I will upload today full game with working missions of GDI and NOD. Videos works too. Just need to play with Riva parameters.

Must be different RIVA version.

Reason why NOD missions doesn't load is that scenario files from NOD's GENERAL.MIX aren't loaded. You can extract those with XCC Mixer and m2 will load. Probably something with paths.

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Yea, Riva doesn't stretch video. Maybe there is option to do it, haven't checked. I have re-uploaded movies with better quality , 1500k vs 1250k. Also I archive is smaller because there were videos from RA somehow, lol. 

EDIT: RIVA can stretch if I run it from WB.

EDIT2: Here video is played in Fullscreen without any black borders at all.

I have not changed riva parameters between those builds, you must have perhaps, changed WinUAE settings?

Actually videos are 2:1   (320x156)

Thanks, I may watch it. In my video it seems that Scroll Rate setting _makes_ a difference: 

I have found that pressing RMB makes scrolling slower.
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"With this update, there are still some clicking noises with the audio on the FMVs"

I will upload movies with higher audio bit rate (160 instead 128k)


Regarding helicopters best solution is to build as many helipads as orcas.

I can scroll music box just fine.

Here scroll speed is with 2x multiplier

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Scrolling is indeed not accurate, it was 4 times normal speed so I reverted it to original for v4. On faster WinUAE it may behave differently. I'll set it in the middle then with 2 times the normal speed.

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Yup, loads 2nd mission with NOD files. 

EDIT: PC build works. Amiga not.

Doesn't it need NOD mission disk files?

Thanks for a report.

"When starting the game, sometimes it goes to a black screen and hangs, sometimes it skips the intro title card,  and goes to the green Westwood logo.  The game used to always load up normally before this update."

Yeah, noticed too, will investigate.

 "The version numbers in the corner of the title screen seem random, this could say V1.03 or something."

That's a git revision of sources but it is not updated in my build , I will change it to my versioning.

The FMVs play too quickly, and goes out of sync with the audio after one second.

Current playaback code is too demanding even for WinUAE.

I have converted all movies to mpg. They will be played with Riva. Copy Riva to game folder.

When selecting multiple helicopters to re-arm at the helipad, only the first one will land and re-arm, the rest must be done manually. I dont know if this is native to the game, by re-arming 8 helicopters can get very boring.

Sometimes when selecting a destination for the helicopters after a battle, one will often land and gets left behind in enemy territory. Clicking the destination target twice usually fixes this bug.

Can you send me save file again ?

This game uses RTG and dosen't need WHD ;) To get high end RTG system on AmigaMini probably an alternative AmiBerry has to be compiled for it.

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Yikes! Speech.mix wasn't added to archive. Added.