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Arcus Caelestis

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Any chance of a free walkthrough for this mini game?

On the rapids it says that having 40 wood would allow you to make a bridge and cross, but I have that and it won't let me. It seems it only works if you have the proper unit?

Which tier currently gets acces to it? I'm a bit unclear.

Very nice!
I kinda wish it was like the old Touch and Tease game.
Some stripping before stroking the burglar.
And some more stroking scenes.
I'm not a fan of the size difference in the final scene.
And I would like to be able to top that burglar

I've only recently found this game and I love the concept. Thank you for the walkthrough. So far it seems there is only one M/M option. Are you considering more options? (since I'm not into women the replayability for CGs is limited for me). I hope we get to "be nasty" to the Regent in later updates at least.
Do you have a roadmap or an outline for what you plan on working on for the future?

Hopefully after that ;) Robin is great so far, so looking forward to everything that comes next.

Yes, it's still being worked on. The creator has made several new updates available on patreon, most recently 30th of Septembe. I'm not sure why there's been no update here in a while (I'll poke them on Patreon) . You can also check their page on F95 zone.

Hi, with Robin Morningwood being finished, do you have an idea if and when work on this game will be picked up again?
Very much looking forward to new updates.

I'm loving the new update. It's great to be able to explore more of the people and story. I do run into the message about the next chapter being up on Patreon a lot even when there's more stuff to go through.
I am a bit stuck on the Paint making progress, I just can't find the sequence (I doubt I'll ever be good at Chemistry or Potions). Any tips?

Absolutely love the game! strip games are a big fetish of mine. I was considering making a game this way myself.
Most of what I'd like and like to change has been said by others and even promised by you.
- A Patreon so I/we can support this project further
- More body types for the opponents
- A proper body for the MC, and hopefully a choice
- Wardrobe choices (a LOT of work I know), and the option to turn piercings off
- Choosing what happens in the scene upon winning
- Some work on the "uncanny valley"
- Have you considered multiple card deck styles? Regular, erotic and maybe tarot-esque (the latter would be great to imagine the game some sort of magical contract).
Working on the renders and the story will be a lot of work. are you considering collaborating with other artists and writers? How difficult would it be? If you are considering making other games seeing these characters come back as you've said would be great, and similarly seeing characters from other games here would be great.
Will there be a difficulty progression? Meaning do you have to battle through some characters to get to others, or will it be a free choice?Will you add a "gallery", or will we have to save the game at key points?

Just a huge thank you from me for making the game I most wanted to play. Hope you keep it up.

Hi, I'm wondering if there's a way to make the Avatars larger? I'm afraid I'm having difficulty distinguishing them while reading. Which is a pity since they look great.

I hope more men get added

I was using it. I just couldn't figure out what to click for the Will. it was the book in the Hall. I'm not the best at finding items in these things ;) Great artwork so far!
An interesting world, I look forward to finding out more about all the people we meet.I hope you'll be able to continue the great work.

It looks very promising and the reviews below are encouraging. I am however stuck at the beginning. I can't find how to make the will.

HI Ezh,

It seems the 0.27 PC download gives the Mac version and the Mac dowload gives the PC version. A slight mixup. I haven't checked the Android download.

Thank you for the update!

It seems the Discord link no longer works. can we get a new one?
Do you have aPatreon

That's not nice of them. Your game is very well made! You deserve Patreons. I'm hoping to get some extra funds in March and will join then if so. *fingers crossed*

Will you provide a walkthough at some point? Even if it's only for Patreons?

The Patreon appears to have been removed and the Discord link doesn't work either, so my guess is no :(

I just found this game and I have to say I am in love so far. I'm hoping the development continuous in the same way and this should be absolutely great.
I do have one issue and 2 questions.
The issue is I chose mage and I've found it very hard to win at combat with this choice.  I hope the 3 class choices will get balanced to have equal play value.
The first question is if you plan to allow position choices for the MC? I prefer my characters to top, I know other prefer to bottom. 
How big do you hope to make this game? The world has a lot of potential, so I'm crossing my fingers for huge. ;)

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I tried the demo, but there doesn't seem to be an english option. Am I missing something?

I'm wondering how the project is coming along? The last updates/comments here were several months ago.

best tip I can give you is:
SPOILER (minor one, it is the prologue)

finger then cock then dildo.  and with each of those press push until the bar fills, then pull out to go to the bigger option.If that doesn't work please let me know what does happen.

Hi Ryu and all,
I was wondering if you'd be willing to add another voice option to the game? I know you are working on voiceovers at the moment. I have gotten kinda used to the computer generated voices in the previous version. Would it be possible to add that as a third voice option? So; No voice, Computer generated voice, and voice actors.

Yes. If you have the normal version pick the heaviest object: the left most one. In the full version also pick the left most one. The full version has some more steps. Go for small to large and then largest in those steps. The largest being the item you picked off the chain

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Yeah, Upon finding Don I can read the note, but it seems to automatically fail the rescue and the MC jst says they didn't expect the professor to die like that and then no other options are available. The door to the next room says I need to finish my exploration first. Also why is the right option still in development (left being Don)?
I've looked at the news and apparently chapter 5 ins't realeased yet, even though we were supposed to get the full release this time. Don's rescue should still work since it worked in the Early Access, and we should be able to progress a bit further, because previously Don's rescue was at 75% of chapter 4,.

Agreed! The game was a lot of fun. And the setting does lend itself to more installments. The same, or a different, Harem Inspector visiting different harems. Not all will be as nice as this one, but I'm sure the inspector can save them and send them on to better harems. And maybe the bad owners can get punished. But there are a lot of different story options.

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I found it! In order to get the caravan guard chat option you have to see the caravan. Go to the Track (I assume during the day) and take a short break. You should see the caravan go by and have an interaction with the guard. After that you can talk to Harold.
And you need to sneak into the camp at night to get the scene with Tank and Scar. 
After those 2 events it should progress. (and at some point the option to "sneak" in during the day comes along)

Can someone tell me or give me a hint on how to get Aconitum?
Seriously hooked on this game.

And if you don't use Android, but have it on desktop? I've recently had to reinstall my computer. I should have everything I saved still on the PC, but I don't know where the saves are stored. Or if I used the Cloud save the last time.

I couldn't find the buttplugs either, but they were missing from the previous update as well. maybe they'll come in another update?
Do you unlock Zack after visiting Grant? I haven't found him yet.

I notice that Beton's favorite final move/weakness has been changed. Before the last update it was Fuck Him Hard, now it's ride his cock. I'm a bit sad at this. I enjoyed imagining fucking him hard. I'm still working on unlocking all his scenes (busy times since the update launched). 
*End Spoiler*
Thank you for the great work.

Further dates, cementing the relationships could be an option. Further artwork, explicit and or otherwise would be welcome. The style is not one I've seen often in this genre and like the creator I'd like to see more of it. In any event, thank you for this. It's great.

Thank you very much for a thoroughly enjoyable game! I wish there were other scene options for various characters (more topping of them as opposed to by them), but I can understand why making more would be costly (maybe maybe maybe a DLC download for after the release? or a crowdfunded updated?). I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Beton. *Spoiler* I was very pleased with his versatile typing, and his combat preferences/weaknesses *End Spoiler*
There's a few grammatical errors in the game still. I'll need to replay it to find them all, I didn't write them down before. I'm looking forward to the December update, and every other one. Please keep up the wonderful work and if you need anything let us fans know. You Rock (And Paper and Scissor. You win all the games)!

I wish this game had a gay version.

You'll need to progress further in the quest to open up more slots with other people. I've only bought the full game myself today and after finishing my house repairs (or slightly after that), slots opened for Orderick and...the woodsman.
and I've also noticed the images getting bugged in combat situations, especially while unlocking new areas.