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Nice game!

Pretty good game! I liked the music and how it zooms in when you go to a planet!!

Thank you so much!!! :D I really appreciate you playing to the end! :D

I think the gravity could have more work done on it. And when i want to turn around it stops at a sudden point. One more thing is that when i get in a tiny ditch i cant get out.

I really liked the game!

I think you could have put more content in it, And made it so there is way more planets falling because when i played, the planets falled, and then there were no more planets trying to hit me.

Thank you so much for the feedback!!! :D

Let me know what you think about my game please!

This is my first game jam btw! So i hope i did well!! :D

This is really good for your first game!


I really enjoyed this game! Good work!


What should the name for this game be?