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Arctic Circle System

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Does this work on a Model I?

Does this work on a Model I?

Is this compatible with any ZX Spectrum model?

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This is a really interesting game. I like it!

Edit: I may have softlocked myself though. gg

I tried pressing the numbers on the sorting boxes, but it didn't work. Not sure why.

There doesn't appear to be much guidance on how to progress in the game. I'm basically just moving the mouse up and down randomly.

This looks cool! Will the older versions ever be reuploaded anywhere? I sometimes like looking at the differences between older and newer versions over time.

Is there any way to buy this digitally or has it been temporarily taken down for the Kickstarter?

Also will the older versions of the demo and full game ever be reuploaded anywhere?

This looks fun, though will older versions ever be up for download again?

You can get the ROM for Second Quest in the latest update of the Steam version.

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I got up to 25, this is pretty fun! (2023-03-24)

Edit: New high score is 32! (2023-05-11, actually tied an earlier 32 point run)

Edit 2: 36! (2023-05-11)

Edit 3: I'm at 44 now, though I think this one was mostly down to good RNG. (2023-05-12)

Edit 4: 73 now, but I clicked an obvious bomb by mistake. Whoops. (2023-05-12)