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Amen my man, did the same thing since this project is jsut so awesome.

Now, all I need for late X-Mass is Emma and Felicity as duo in the .... party dungeon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Development of 0.9 is going well as it seems but I simply can't wait for 1.0 to hit >.< ... time for a replay of 0.8 to kill some time I guess.

PS: Emma's dungeon lesson can't come soon enough :D

My man! Would buy you a drink for this comment.

Personally, I trully love Felicity and her change from top bitch to top pet.

Thank you very much for info! :)

As for Lin, yeah, completely overlooked it due to yellow options

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So, 21H 17M 28S later at night of Day 238 ... Finished main story for all characters at this point.

Now, here's some followup questions: 

How to get Cummybear AKA Lin do a footjob?

Can you move further with Kate or not at this point?

Edit: fixed typing errors >.>

So, my least favorite character was Felicity, then we have moved to dungeon training facility Slut-1 aaaaaand she instantly became my most fevorite pet ... *following scenes contain drolling allover the keyboard*

Can't wait for Emma to join the party train under the hotel :P

PS: Dear Santa, here's my X-Mass wish for joint session of F&E at our fine education facility

My man! Also kinda hoping for that ... but so far, most entertaining was taking Felicity for a walk >.<

Eazy fucking E indeed :D

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I did spend some cash on Kickstarter in past but never became patreon for someone. However, this thing just made my mind, it is simply amazing.

Can't wait for the day when complete game of v1.0 will be released.

Also, in case that after v1 this gets kickstarted for some hyper-advanced remake and creation of Runey's own game company, I would spend money on that for sure after seeing this masterpiece! :D

... reminds me of Subverse creation idea, even how Studio FOW started actually. Story of few supporters that grew into an army of backers and paterons.

Anyhow, keep up the good work sir!