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Edu Garcia

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Malheureusement, les sauvegardes AGS (le logiciel utilisé par Pierre pour créer le jeu) ne sont pas compatibles après certaines modifications apportées au code du jeu, vous devrez donc recommencer.

I came here for Klass of 99, but found you made this fantastic game! I’m really bad at it, but the quality of the game is amazing, really polished (I specially love all the different rooms, I find the design really fitting!). And like the previous commenter, I appreciate it being available on Mac, so thanks for that too!

Really looking forward for your next thing, I’m sure it will be amazing.

Hi, thanks for your answer!

It’s actually not the same, that request is probably more complex. I’m just suggesting a way of providing width for each character: Right now, width is being set as the maximum horizontal pixel of the “active” color (black, white or opaque) plus one. So if I have a letter ‘l’ which is just 1 pixel wide, the width on the TTF will end up being 2 units.

I think it will be really useful to add some pixel of some color (red, etc) to the character that will actually be used to set the width of the character instead. So continuing with my example, if I add 2 red pixels anywhere on the right of my ‘l’ character, the final width will end up being 4 units (1 from the black/white pixel, plus 2 from the red one, plus 1 for the margin added to all characters)

I hope this makes more sense, and if it doesn’t, I can provide some visual aids, I understand it might be difficult to visualize :).

Thanks again!

Hi! I really love what you’ve created here, it’s really nice to use!

I was wondering if there was a way to change the width of specific characters, as I’m trying to reproduce a font that has extra whitespace in some of them (on the right side).

If there is no way, might I suggest adding something like a special color that always add extra space, like if adding red pixels to the right of the font that’s what will finally be used for the width.

Thanks again!

Yo tampoco lo esperaba, pero cuando hay un brainstorming al final salen cosas que uno no espera, ¡que es precisamente la idea!.


Congratulations! I was expecting yours to be on the top 3, very much deserved!

Thanks for playing! We’re sorry to hear that you got stuck, hopefully you’ll give it another go! And good luck with your entry!

Many thanks for playing! And good luck with your entry!

Yeah, although it will be more strategy and/or simulation, not realtime combat or anything, just to make something different :)

Thanks, I hope you like it when we release it!