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I really like the look of this game, and really want to support it, but $25 is a lot for a PDF.

Asking for a free copy doesn't help you much, so I was hoping we might see a Pride Month pre-launch discount.

Tried to buy this today but getting a platform error.

"Stripe doesn't currently support application fees for platforms in US with connected accounts in BR."

Hopefully you have already purchased this, but there is another FitD game that might be relevant.
Sig, City of Blades, a city based game (so, not so much plane hoping) but the city is very much inspired by Sigil.

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I see there is a hard cover 'facelift' edition coming out soon, nice!

Will this 'Revised Edition' get updated, to include the new content?

Or will that be a separate PDF to purchase again?

Says "Nothing is available for download yet."

where is the download??

This is really nice.
I notice that the number of planets in the flavour text is much bigger than shown on the map and table though.

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My mistake anyway. I looked at the Crisis sheets, I looked at the titles, but I didn't actually *read* them :)

How can I download the festive crisis from the 22/12/21dev log?

Any news on when the next update will be?

how does this relate to the 'Brinkwood:Despair' game on the Brinkwood Kickstarter pre-orders page?

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hi. The POD option seems to have disappeared of DTRPG.

But I have found a 2nd Print version in the UK, so thats cool.

On you have 3rd print run copies. Is there any difference from the 2nd printing?

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DTRPG shows File Last Updated: December 29, 2020

What was the change?

Print copies are out of stock in most UK shops, so I was excited to see the Black Friday sale offer included the print copy!

Looking forward to getting the book :)

Will you be able to advise when it has shipped?