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Thanks! I hope you enjoyed eating this cake as much as I did baking it!

I should have heeded the warning on your author page… What have you done to me (seriously though I enjoyed every second of this game, I had a really HECKIN’ good time!).

So I was wondering if this game could also feature an endings guide like the last game “Mudkip and the terrible plot device.” Maybe a few easter eggs maybe? I mostly just want to take in all of that VN goodness (ok maybe I had too much of a good time…)

Also I’m playing on a mac and when I was fighting some sliced watermelons Mudkip… accidentally died. The game would continue until the screen that says “And thus, Mudkip died.” and then suddenly glitch out to a few screens back. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or not, but if it isn’t the change is really abrupt and it’s kinda hard to tell that it was on purpose. Also I’m pretty sure that no one would die to the fruits anyway unless they actively tried to, WHICH I DEFINITELY DID NOT!

Anyway love your games and cannot wait for more!

P.S: Please don’t abandon us for the new animal crossing switch…