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Good point

Assuming the Han dynasty had 59 million people at its peak...

45 soldier per picture multiplied to 46 pictures sent... doing the math

2,070 soldiers in these pictures, so your army is 20,700 soldiers as he said this is just a tenth of his power... but the Imperial Chinese Army during the Han dynasty had 300,000 men or 14x as much as Bowboi's army. Better size up Bowboi!

But Bowboi's army of 2,070 (at least in the pictures) is waaaaaaaaay bigger than Starsket's army of 70 men. And if Bowboi was to bring his whole army of 20,700 men against Starsket, obviously Bowboi wins.

For people like Aussua or Alphin who would probably said, "who asked?", this statistical information was just meant for Bowboi's advantage...

Oh well... better call reinforcements Bowboi if you want to reach 300,000 men.

Now you “Can’t” defeat him?


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Weirdest thing I have seen since December 6, 2021.

Oof. Damage...

Okay. nvm, I need to go somewhere now, I just thought of a quick game first, but anyway. Maybe next time. 

Schedules... always the worst.

Who can send squad link please?

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Btw... drama again??

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Assasination of Julius Caesar, Narrow Arena, March 15, 44 BC. Last words: Et tu Brute?

Last hails to “king” of Narrow One…


Lol Plankton.

  1. Graveyard
  2. Jungle
  3. Towers
  4. Arena
  5. Walls
  6. Arch
  7. Fields
  8. Alleys
  9. Halls
  10. Hills
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This is the most major update since Towers…

Why Towers? They added skins, coins, account systems, etc.  That was big considering before that, your points don’t reward you and you have three basic skins, and you’re all guests…

I love this update. Thanks for bringing back Graveyard. Thank you for your backbreaking developments to make this game better for us. I highly appreciate your talent and dedication. Some people make games and then not much people play, they give up. But you guys kept going despite the lack of players and look where it got you. We thank you.

Sarcasm x 100

And I thought that the newspaper called us cats…

I see that.

I can confirm.

- Chinese government.

Good point.

Well, God is not the government...

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Agreed. For those guys, keep such opinions to yourself. 

Putting people down because of that causes them to lose their dignity, even if you think it's wrong.

Again this is not a place to talk about LGBTQ+. Try doing that in Discord instead if you know what I mean.

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What's going on again...

I see "Gayboi"... is GreyHowl back? And there's still no devlog for the melee. And about a squad to say you're not gay? Who's your king of the union or what? Is there some jurisdiction you have over members.

I know some stuff, thanks to TU|Jesters bulletin. Very useful.

Yup, loved those days.

To whoever made the Tiger Clan also TC, you have a trademark issue.

I just noticed that.

1 year later…

Also by the way, what are the names of all the clans under NU alliance? Full names of the clans please.

Is there word from Pelican Party what the 15th map will be?

Farewell, we will see each other again. We hope you come back soon and that iPad glitch is resolved.

I love that combo personally.

I’ve seen this guy long back.

Back in 1945…

This is good.

Is melee out yet?

I want to massacre the noobs already.

Does she even play Narrow One?

It seems like she just came to do this.

Speed and Hunter having a drink ‘a tea.

K - I - S —

Shut up dirty brain of mine.

Welcome Ansy.

To newcomers, we advise them to not get into unnecessary arguments. We also ask them to not bring people from Discord. It will make this place more toxic than it is already.

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*Uno reverse card moments.*

Oh yeah, I remember the time that you told us that you were grounded. 

It's nice to know that you're coming back.  Yes, we miss Pro King and Mh Al.

Majority of French use AZERTY.

What do you mean?

For certain, AZERTY keyboard gave it away.


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I can picture it, we can rage stab noobs for not knowing how to kill you.

Or... we can assassinate like how they killed Julius Caesar. (Inserts for Rome chant)

Or... do public beheadings... LOL.