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Pelican Party, is there an official categorization to the maps of Narrow One?

Bow 2

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So, is this 2.0? I mean with everything I’ve seen.

I mean, are you Mewcopult from the wiki?

How'd you get here?


Not asking but…

I wonder how different the game would be if they added cavalry?

Bro… I had a dream last year March that I was in Narrow One in an unknown map that looked like this.

Why is it actually happening?

Eh, spawnkilling is normal. Sometimes the path to victory requires sacrifices.

Thank you for all the backbreaking dedication to keep your “weird little arrow game” entertaing to us.

Too early, but what will the new map be?

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Love this new update Pelican.

Thanks! We appreciate your dedication and hard work in keeping this game fresh and amazing.

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ACAB (All Cops Are B*stards) is an acronym used as a political slogan associated with dissidents who are opposed to the police. It is typically written as a catchphrase in graffiti, tattoos, or other imagery in public spaces. It is sometimes numerically rendered as "1312", representing the position of the letters in the English alphabet. - Wikipedia

Poor Mh Al didn't come back since... I don't know... like 7 months or so.

Your back??

Awesome game Havoc.

3 years...

Either it's the truth, or it's sarcasm and irony.

I conclude on the latter.



I’m Asian too. 

As long as Bowboi doesn't pass...

Some potential racist appearances... proceed at risk.

This may spur hate from Asians... press at risk.

Welcome to the rice fields...


If that hurt you, what should I call team Discord?


It also shows how war is inevitable between the Narrow Union's Itch Cats vs the Discord Dogs or at least that's what I see.

Now this is an interesting thing...

Griddyism, Zephyrism, and Kijuism...

Sounds like something to write a story in. Is there like an Art of Narrow One?

I'd like some details please, just a few stuff on statistics, testimonies, and the like. It would be appreciated.

The world is going the wrong way..

Who died? What happened? What is going on...


Thank you. Keep up the work on your games. I hope the best for you two.


Damn that is bad.

Wonderful game.

Please don’t forget about your other project though… your “weird little arrow game” as you call it.

Machine guns huh? 

Closest we can get to a sequel, Pelican Party. Runner bow becomes a pistol, and Sharpshooter bow becomes a sniper.

Idk everything else 🤣

Narrow Two!

Good point

Assuming the Han dynasty had 59 million people at its peak...

45 soldier per picture multiplied to 46 pictures sent... doing the math

2,070 soldiers in these pictures, so your army is 20,700 soldiers as he said this is just a tenth of his power... but the Imperial Chinese Army during the Han dynasty had 300,000 men or 14x as much as Bowboi's army. Better size up Bowboi!

But Bowboi's army of 2,070 (at least in the pictures) is waaaaaaaaay bigger than Starsket's army of 70 men. And if Bowboi was to bring his whole army of 20,700 men against Starsket, obviously Bowboi wins.

For people like Aussua or Alphin who would probably said, "who asked?", this statistical information was just meant for Bowboi's advantage...

Oh well... better call reinforcements Bowboi if you want to reach 300,000 men.

Now you “Can’t” defeat him?


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Weirdest thing I have seen since December 6, 2021.

Oof. Damage...

Okay. nvm, I need to go somewhere now, I just thought of a quick game first, but anyway. Maybe next time. 

Schedules... always the worst.